Monday, November 5, 2012

Tea Party

Hot tea is a lovely treat - a cup in the morning and a cup in the afternoon.  My mom loves tea, she and my Dad lived in England for a while and there she developed a love for tea...and 5 o'clock tea is a MUST.

I enjoy a variety of tea, green, white, black but the fruity kinds are my favorite usually.   Teavana is a special treat, but let's be honest, it is very overpriced and when someone giving you your total says, "Your total investment in health and wellness today is..." does not help the fact that you just spent your car payment on tea.  Not cool.  Blueberry bliss is amazing though.  Ahh!

Some other, more modestly priced teas, that I like are the private selection brand from Kroger, Tazo Zen and Organic Chai are delightful as well.  I love a nice peach tea...good ol' Celestial Seasons! 

I recently discovered Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice, picked up a tin (yes, an actual tin made of....well, tin) at Fresh Market for $6.99 for 20 sachets.  HOLY WOW!  The aroma is so intense and I could have sworn the bags were infused with sugar this tea was so outrageously sweet (which is good for those of us not able to eat actual sweets).  This summer I purchased a Pomegranate Tea from Harney and it smelled much better in the tin than the actual taste in the cup.  This particular tea far exceeded my expectations.  For you tea drinkers, go get this tea.   Mom & Sal, you will love this!

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Nadja Brocus said...

Oh do I miss working in a coffee and tea shop. All the bulk green and white tea I could handle. My mom and I are quite into chamomile at night and Athena is a chai FANATIC!