Tuesday, November 20, 2012

People are Crazy - Southern Edition

Over the weekend, DT and I travelled to Charlotte, NC for a visit with some friends and family.  I had never been to this area before and found Charlotte to be quite:
1)  New
2)  Young
3)  Clean
4)  BUSY - with commerce and construction

We had a blast - it was nice to just spend some time with each other overall - eating some ice cream was an added bonus.

On to the crazy....

In a local bar called "Friends" on Saturday night whilst in the washroom, I made a friend.  This girl was admiring herself in the mirror and she says to me -

"My hair's curly too, but I mean, like waaaaay curlier than yours."
I smile and keep washing my hands, trying minding my own beeswax.
"Seriously, I have to get this shit blown out or else it's a fro, like yours."
Hmm, didn't know I had a fro?  But now it's on, I cannot possibly mind my own beeswax;  I'm all in.
"I mean, it's really curly....here - look at my license!"
She shoves her license in my face.  I could have and most likely should have walked out at the first comment, but this girl was such a train wreck, I couldn't help engaging her.  So I smiled and commented on the curliness.
"Right?  Right?  SO MUCH curlier than yours - " like it's a competition, and then......
"Probably because my Dad's a N*GG**......"

Yep.  People are crazy - Southern Edition. 


Erika Jean said...

Oh man, I hope she was wasted.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Lord...hope she got into a drunken brawl that night and got her behind kicked...no business using those words!

Ky • twopretzels.com said...


NO! I did NOT see that last line coming.


You had me at, "Seriously, I have to get this shit blown out or else it's a fro, like yours."

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't know where people store their brains these days... RUDE, on so many different levels!