Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Movie Reviews

Moonrise Kingdom
I rented this one to watch alone on a Sunday night.  I love it but found it so odd.  I guess that is the point.  12-year old love?  I'm not comfortable with it but the acting is so great and the scenes are so perfectly thought out.  Bruce Willis and Bill Murray among a mighty cast - YES!  The child actors do an excellent job.  Please go see this if you have not.  Made me want to go to the beach/camping.

Safe House
DT and I watched this one together and while this was a fast-paced action packed movie, I admit that I fell asleep at some critical points.  Whoops.  It was good enough though.  RR is preeeety good and the great Denzel never disappoints.  There are some seriously intense points but I think I was confused in the middle of it - I am sure the sleeping did not help.

Magic Mike
Ok, I have been wanting to see this movie for a while.  My sister and I watched is flick and there is nudity in the first 5 minutes to which we both cracked up.  We laughed during so much of this movie - maybe because we have been to several "all-male reviews" and that's what you do at those type of venues - laugh.  Not just because you are drunk, but because guys shaking it is hilarious.  Magic Mike is pretty hot, not going to lie, but Matthew McConaughey is very icky to me.  Ewwwww.  Plot - ehhh, it's what you expect, somewhere in between the scandalous and cheesy continuum.   It would be fun to watch with a group of girls and then go out.  I can see why it did well in the theater. 


Erika Jean said...

I havent seen the last two , but moonrise kingdom was pretty good!! I like how it was filmed. A nice break from every other movie out there ;-)

Iris Took said...

@erika jean, Moonrise was such a different pace, you are right. It was so enjoyable, I really like weird stuff like that.