Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Isn't this true?

I was reading SIMPLY VINTEAGEOUS the other day - a great blog about furniture makeovers and home decor, etc....plus, I love reading about her conversations with her husband.

This particular post was especially endearing to me since I think many of us can all identify with feeling this way - about being two different people.  Go read her blog -she says it best. Here are some of the ways I feel like my own Jekyll and Hyde.

One Iris is the life of the party and one Iris can sit at home for hours and hours by herself.

One Iris can work tirelessly from 6am to Midnight and one Iris can sleep straight for 12 hours.

One Iris can stick to a strict diet plan for months while the other Iris can eat an entire pizza then go for ice cream and then maybe have more pizza.

One Iris really enjoys all black and combat boots and being a tomboy while the other Iris finds it fun to buy a new dress and jewelry, bag, shoes, etc....

One Iris tries and tries and tries to de-clutter her house and the other one just shuts the doors to the bedroom and doesn't worry about it.

One Iris is an extreme penny pincher and hits the Coinstar before she leaves town and the other will buy $70 worth of Mary Kay at a party on crap she will never use.

It's exhausting being two people!

What's your Jekyll and Hyde behavior?

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Amber said...

Ooo! I like this! I'll have to think before answering!