Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black Friday

Well, friends, for the first time ever, I did it.  I braved the throngs of crazed shoppers and dove right in myself and participated in....


Yep.  Here's the thing - I don't really have any crazy stories.  (SAD!)  No one pushed me down to get to a gigapet, nobody pulled my hair to snatch up the last Biebertooth brush, I didn't sleep on the concrete to get a TV for $10, but I did get ALL OF MY SHOPPING DONE.  Finis.  Hooray.

Here is why I think I was successful - I shopped around 4pm, right before dinner time of leftover Thanksgiving heaven complete with Turkey-Stuffing-Cranberry Sandwiches, so Westfield was not that crowded (relatively).  Most stores had great deals, Gap & J Crew were 40% off everything!  Love it!  Most other stores had similar deals, so I did what I love the best and got everyone ONE BIG GIFT.  YES!

I may or may not have gotten myself a few small gifts, but that's not the point.

The point is that the mall impressed me.  Lines were not horrible, people were not that grinchy, and the stores were well staffed with employees ready to help.  PLUS, they were nice. 

Elder-Beerman (as I fondly call Elderly-Beerman) was atrocious.  Maybe it is because the average age cashier is 95.  Sorry!  But it's true.   I had to line jump, make alliances with other shoppers, and negotiate with coupons - it was crazy.  But I did end up with a Keurig and I love it.  Whew.

I would do this every year - make a list (and check it one zillion times) ahead of time and go around 4pm and know that I need the whole night, not to be in a hurry, but I can be DONE shopping at Thanksgiving - that's a relief I cannot but a price on.

Love this commercial:

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