Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vote for {pedro} Back Splash!

Bathroom is finishing up and we are exploring the Kitchen ideas:

Countertop is blue
Walls will be grey

Back splash will be:

This is a silver panel from Lowe's to look like hammered metal.  I LOVE the copper look, but it does not match the blue/grey that I have to work with in the kitchen.   I cannot decide if I like the silver because it looks like the copper or if I am making myself like it because it matches the blue/grey.

This is grey tile (duh) also from Lowe's.  I think this would look awesome.  I really like this and think that the glass adds a shiny element and is very classic.  This does not go out of style - right?

Keeping in mind that this is the kitchen (minus the wallpaper).

Tell me what you think!!!  I have over HGTVed myself and would like your opinion.


Anonymous said...

I would go with the grey tile. Love it! Plus it's easy to put up, I did a similar one in my kitchen.
~merp (hgtv addict)

Iris Took said...

Merp! Send photo please. Awesome seeing you thisweekend

Anonymous said...

I used white beveled subway tiles. They have flat ones or beveled ones. It gives a classic clean look. You can add a decorative band of your grey tiles as a stripe or accent too. They were cheap and very easy to install.

Amber said...

I vote for {pedro} grey tile!

Ky • said...

I would do the tile. I fear that the tin/copper would age badly and become discolored/weird during cooking.


Anonymous said...