Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Stuffed Peppers

I have been struggling to make something:
1)  Healthy
2)  Delicious
3)  Easy
4)  Cheap
5)  Different

Seriously?  What could that possibly be?  We all get stuck in our cooking ruts especially when we are trying to stick to a program or plan.  I had a genius idea the other day....stuffed peppers!  They are a wonderful fall/winter food and can be healthy if you use proper ingredients and cooking methods. 

I looked up a few recipes and used what I thought was best from them

Dad's Stuffed Bell Peppers

My buddy Robert Irvine's Stuffed Peppers

For my peppers - I baked them first like Robert, then added some extra veggies to the mix like he does (thanks Robert!).  Then I used brown rice and extra lean ground sirloin divided perfectly on a food scale so each pepper had 3oz of meat.....tedious! but good nonetheless.....
Then I really liked that topping from Dad's so I used that.....perfecto!!!!  Oh, and I discovered Heinz No Salt Added Ketchup - there are literally ZERO mgs of sodium in this ketchup.  Hooray!

I baked 45 mins and the stuffing was a perfect 145 degrees and the pepper still had a nice crunch while being cooked through. 


(my other trick - I like to like the bottom of pans with foil so clean up is easier...PLUS foil is recycle able).


Wrestling Kitties said...

sounds delicious! I just made my (self-proclaimed) famous stuffed green peppers sunday!

My recipe is a little different, but not too far off. I don't put the ketchup mixture and instead put Parmesan cheese and bake. Delicious! Also, add a little sriracha for spice....YUM!

Iris Took said...

@WK - i ADORE parmesan cheese and can eat it out of the can or off the block. I will try that next time - thanks for the tip!