Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fridge Check

Do you have a wellness committee at work?   Mostly, ours helps us once a year with a health screening which is free and awesome and also in the fall for flu shots.  We get emails forwarded from Web MD.  I would guess these might be helpful for those people that live under a rock have never thought about their health or food before because, to me, this list was absurd.

'Worst foods in your Fridge'
1).  Mayonnaise.  Duh.  Just duh.
2). Soda and other sweet drinks.  Empty calorie speech 101.  Of course these are bad for you.  Besides, who wants to drink their calories unless you can catch a buzz from it?

3). Alcoholic Beverages.  Damn.

4).  Processed Lunch Meat.  I will give them this one.  Turkey is marketed as a healthy option, and when eaten in moderation, I think it is probably fine, but some people live on lunch meats.  If pregnant gals aren't supposed to eat it, what's that telling us???

5).  Hot Dogs and Sausage.  Riiiiight.  These are luxury items or party food.  Who eats this on a regular basis?  Jimmy Dean?!?!  Paula Dean...

6).  Whole Milk Products.  Ok, now really.  No one drinks whole milk.  No one LIKES whole milk except babies and they should.   Oh wait, there is delicious cheese to content with.....

7).  Gourmet Ice Cream.  GOURMET?   I don't care if it's the Blue Bunny kind you get from the gas station in a weak moment.  Let's also address the fact that the ice cream would have to make it home to reside in my freezer to be bad for me.  C'mon Web MD.  We know it's bad.  But it's so good!

8).  Creamy Salad Dressing.  Barf.  Some people put Ranch on everything.  This is like mayo though, everyone knows it's bad for you, right?  No one is thinking, "This Hidden Valley is really healthy...only 28 grams of fat."

9).  Stick Butter or Margarine.  Only for baking.  Baked goods aren't healthy.  When was the last time you slapped a pat of REAL LIVE BUTTER on a piece of toast?  And admitted it?  Not on a regular basis I would guess.  AND if you do, you  know that it's not healthy.  Der!

10).  Frozen French Fries.  You have to love trying to pretend that potatoes are vegetables and then trying to pretend that fries are potatoes.  Nice try.   Ketchup has lycopene though.

Happy eating!


Unknown said...

Cheese counts for whole milk? Then I have every single one of these in my fridge! What do I win?

Iris Took said...

You win a block of cheese! Where do I send it?