Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chicago trip

Our weekend in Chicago was amazing!  Much needed time away together, Griffin became holy, and also....a break from my program (not diet, that's like a bad word).  Well, my program is pretty strict and I have been following it to the letter since July which means, as you could guess, I could eat a horse made of pizza and ice cream.


Here's what we ate this weekend.  It was glorious.  I only gained 4 lbs. over the weekend and it's probably mostly water weight anyway.  And by water weight I mean vodka and cheese weight.  Yes, it was worth it.

Saturday night after the baptism we enjoyed a home cooked meal of pork roast and vegetables with applesauce and sauerkraut.  Plus!  A gorgeous tray of antipasti before dinner that was outstanding. Meat + cheese = yes.   Why is the meat better in Chicago?  Don't forget the cupcakes and desserts after.   Drinks galore!

Sunday we adventured out to Kuma's Corner in order to devour some gourmet burgers.  Kuma's Corner is a kick ass place with heavy metal pumping through it's air, an edgy staff that does not care about swearing to it's patrons (I guess with them, not at them), killer beer list, and really....scrumptious food.   Their food is so good they can post rules on the door - they are on the website too so check it out.  Just step into Kuma's and relax.

We splurged.  Several beers, the hot sausage grit fritters, DT had something like "bring the fire"  or "fire maker" and I had the Goatsnake.  OMG.  This is why you need to trust these guys - they are food sorcerers and these are some SANDWICHES with stank on them!  Pretzel bread...yes please!

Also, read the story about Kuma herself - kick ass!

Saturday night, we had reservations at Brazzaz, a Brazilian Steakhouse downtown.  If you have never been to this type of restaurant, it is super delicious and super fun because the meat comes to you!!  Gauchos have meat on skewers that they slice table side.  It's fun.  Love crap like that...interactive eating!  We went to this same restaurant a few years ago and I have learned from my trip last time so I a) didn't eat 3 plates of the salad bar even though I wanted to b) skipped the bread c) had only one glass of wine (but don't worry I had about 18 vodkas later) and d) asked for only a SMALL slice of each meat.  But make no mistake, I seriously attempted to try all 18 meats.

Next we walked to Old Town to Zanie's where we were seeing my buddy* Tommy Johnagin.  (*He's not my buddy, I just listen to the Bob & Tom show so much I felt like I knew him.  He was so hilarious - good job Tommy!  as if you are reading this....)  We were too early (that never freakin happens) so we hit the Pour House first.  This place was just stunningly beautiful.  I am so impressed by the establishments in Chicago - this place was so meticulously built and designed, oak benches, stone back splashes, grand staircase....it was lovely.   Not to mention that there were a zillion beers on tap.  Ooooooh yeah!  I chugged a wheat beer and DT a whiskey, some shots and off to the Comedy Club.

We cracked up at the Comedy Club - I restrained myself and said nothing out loud!  Amazingly.  Then to more bars and more shenanigans and basically gallivanted around Chicago carefree.  Oh, we watched the Tigers lose.  Shots.  Taco stand.  FUN!!!
Endless supply of booze

Self portrait....after endless supply of booze consumption

Monday afternoon just before we shoved off, we found Cemitas Puebla specializing in Poblano foods way off the beaten path.  Worth the trek.  The owner greeted us at the door, explained what the hell was going on in the restaurant and what to order, what a CEMITA is (it is a style of amazing roll), which was helpful because we were hungover.  But I think that would be helpful anyway.  So that's what we ordered.  Why wouldn't you order the special?  So, this delectable sandwich was served to us from the counter in about 3 minutes.  Fabulous!  Yay Cemitas!

So that's it for my weekend, concentrating on the food parts of our trip.  The BEST parts.  I'm hungry.

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Anonymous said...

It is 4am... I am in the middle of my 2nd night shift - did not sleep well at all today, so I am totally slap-happy. This blog post had me laughing out loud in the middle of the ICU. I love you so much that I can't even stand it and I wish that I could have been on this trip with you.
You are amazing and totally deserved every ounce of vodka, cheese, and meat that you had this weekend!! Please consider repeating sometime in toledo with me!!!

Love you!