Friday, October 26, 2012

Baptism for Griffin

This weekend the hubster and I are going to Chicago because we are the proud godparents of my cousin Griffin who is about to be baptized.  I am so honored and flattered that my cousins have chosen US as a MARRIED couple to be good examples to Griffin as he grows pressure.  I think it is especially amazing that we get to be godparents together.  I have a few godsons now that I watch over (shout out...Joseph, Noah, and Zach - love you guys!) and now Griffy Beans.   It is really special that of all the people that Geoff and Heidi could have chosen, they picked us...and us together.  My godparents are married too and I have always that that was cool.  My godfather read in our wedding - which was awesome. 

Now, it is our responsibility to ensure Griffin's religious education.  So, let's see.  I went to Catholic schools and so did Danny....check!  We were married in the Catholic Church....check.....other sacraments....check..... Golden rule....check!    I think we are up for the challenge.

To Geoff and Heidi - thank you - we won't let you down.  To Griffin - we will take care of you from Toledo and make all the trips we can to see you.  I will take you to see fun action movies and then after discuss religious themes and Danny will teach you about football and gambling (all boys need to know about that and why it's wrong to gamble in the Catholic Church - there is even a story about Jesus in the Temple).  I hope we can show you what it means to love others and to be a good person.  We love you and are here for you - whatever you need.  I hope you also need answers about Star Wars you covered little man.

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