Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Saw Argo Sunday night, in the theater, of course.  I stand by my choice to always want to see an action, drama or thriller in the theater as they always have more of an effect on me on the big screen rather than on the couch.  Argo did not disappoint.

Historic films intrigue me and often times, I find myself saying, "I can't believe that actually  happened.." (very intelligent statement) and in this case, such recent history - it is crazy to watch what happened, and to then ponder what is happening in our world. 

The movie itself was intense.  Very intense.  I found myself holding my breath often and then not realizing it until I let out a massive sigh.  Great punches of humor, excellent jabs of swearing, and tremendous actors.  Ben Affleck not only played the leading part but directed as well.  No weird accent, no Matt Damon cameo, no serenading Liv Tyler, just convincing acting.  Nice work.  (Although I LOVE it when he bribes those guys for cash in Good Will Hunting - classic!).

Am I the only person on the planet who has not seen Breaking Bad?  I need to - love Bryan Cranston.  John Goodman has been a favorite of mine since Roseanne but really - Walter Sobchak was the best John's ever been to me.  Alan Arkin wonderful.  Plus - I have always loved Victor Garber and you know him from everything you have ever seen but never really realized he was in it.  This is why my iPad plus IMBD is my best friend while I watch movies.  I have to stop taking it to the theater.  It embarrasses my husband.  Love you honey.

It makes the movie especially credible or more authentic looking when they add real footage.  I think the impact is greater that way.   I also want to read the book now - thanks for the recommendation Dad.

Go see this movie.  It is an important part of our history and very well done.  You won't leave feeling light and carefree, but then again, you can rent movies for that kind of stuff.


Wrestling Kitties said...

It is SO bad of me that, while I knew this was based on true events, I have NO idea what those events are. I need to read more.

Great review, I was wondering about this movie and the cast looked amazing!

And I agree about seeing big movies in the theater....totally worth it!

Iris Took said...

@ WK - I probably should have put in my original post that his was about the American hostage-crisis in Iran in 1979. Iranian rebels took over the American embassy and took the entire embassy hostage for over a year. 6 escaped and took asylum in the Canadian foreign minister's home in Iran. True story.

I had always heard about the "hostage-crisis" but did not know the story in depth either.