Friday, August 24, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

In the end - incredible.

The Dark Knight Rises.

The hubby and I had a great date night last night - 6:30pm showing of the last Batman installment, no diner, no dessert (because I am on a stupid necessary healthy diet program).  Sigh.  BUT!  Despite not having any popcorn (that was almost the saddest part of my night), we had a great night together since we rarely get to.  On to the movie...

Have you seen it?

If not, stop reading.  If so, keep reading.

It was great, right?  I mean, so well done.  So.well.done.  The final chapter takes the previous two and finishes the series without being repetitive, but rather draws you further in emotionally.  The three hours flew by for me, there was no lull in the action right from the intense opening scene.  I did not fall asleep and it's rare that I don't in the theater.  This movie was exciting and fast paced. 

Christian Bale - seriously.  Really good.  Best Batman ever - I adore him on screen.  Amazing.  Tom Hardy is scary....frightened me to the bone, plus he is a mountain of a man.  Anne Hathaway exceeded my expectations - I like that she didn't go all Catwoman with this character - no hissing or meowing.  No cheesy clawing.  Good job.  Jealous of your body.  Wowzers.
Morgan Freeman - what can we say?  Marion  Cotillard was a nice surprise and then a horrible surprise.  Definitely didn't see that coming.  I love Gary Oldman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt hung in there with this big crew.  I think I will see more of his movies.

There is NOTHING like seeing a movie like this on the big screen.  The action and explosions and toys - where does he get such wonderful toys?   The batpod, the tumbler, the bat, the weapons, the fusion bomb, the applied sciences lab - oh yeah, and the fact that he can turn off all the lights!  So cool.  The plot was riveting and energetic;  you are always rooting for The Batman - at least I was.  I also love to see the shots of Gotham - such an iconic city and they film it so masterfully.  Not cartoonesque or comic-like, but real, and dark and mysterious.  How about the part when every cop in Gotham took on Bane's army? That was inspiring.  The terrorist war in the sewers was an interesting concept and the Hell on Earth prison was defeating.  Not for our hero though.  I would be a liar if I said I didn't cover my eyes once and fist pump other parts.  The saddest part was when Alfred cried.  I cried.  Way sadder than not having popcorn. 

What an excellent film.  Two enormous thumbs up.  It seems that there is room for a follow up but I am not sure how that would go.  I'm open to it.

I have to say though, we both sort of kept our eyes on the exits and doors.  That shooting in Colorado was beyond upsetting and it's hard to wrap your mind around how a person would be compelled to do such terrible things.  I would like to take a moment to recognize those that passed away during that terrible tragedy and pray for their families. 

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