Thursday, August 30, 2012

People are Crazy

Usually these posts involve a conservation or overhearing a conversation, but this one was more of an observation of a behavior.  Either way, it was too good not to share.

Sitting in Bigbys with a networking group this morning, 7:30am, discussing the future of our organization and how we can get our committees further involved.  I am on the board, our director and board president were in attendance.  We were sipping coffee.   Very serious stuff. 

During our session, I was hearing this tick, or chip, or clip rather.  High pitched and steadied rhythm....chip, chip, chip....pause.  Then chip, chip, chip.   I look around and it's mostly just us, members of a young organization trying to improve our members experience and how we, as an organization, and as professionals, can grow and where we want to take....chip, chip, chip....

I look over at my friend Desmond and ask him, are you hearing what I am hearing?  He nods.  But he nods with his eyes closed.  The eye closed nod means, "OH HELL NO!" in non-verbal.

Just a reminder not to take yourself too seriously today.  One table over from you is someone clipping their nails into their coffee.  Might have been their toenails.

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Summer said...

You're not serious. For real?

That is just disgusting. . . though I am laughing.