Friday, August 3, 2012

People are Crazy

Back by popular demand!  I have been forgetting to write these down and since they happen so much, I really do need to make a more conscious effort to tell you about them.

Mud Hens stadium, the powder room.
In the stall next to me was a lady with poorly manicured feet (no judgement, just observation).  Her cell phone rings...Rhianna or some other catchy tune.

"Hey.  Yeah.  No.  I'm in the bathroom, be right out.  No.  NO.  NO. Imonthegoddamntoilet!!!" 



Summer said...

Oh my!

Sassytimes said...

LOL. I've missed these. We've experienced a whole lot of crazy this summer too. ;)

Nadja Brocus said...

That made me LOLz.

Wrestling Kitties said...

AWESOME. These are the best!