Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hunger Games

I just finished the Hunger Games series and here is what I thought - *Warning!  If you have not read the books and do not want to know what happens DO NOT READ THIS POST.  Spoiler alert - lol.

Ok, so basically I am a very juvenile reader.  Sue me. I like the kind of books that have large print and that catch my interest - books that I can read quickly and don't have to stop to look up words.  I LOVED Harry Potter (although some of Harry got pretty involved), Narnia Chronicles, Hobbit stuff, and anything having to do with Star Wars.  The stuff I don't like are the really girly, silly books about overspending and summer romances on holiday.  Barf.  Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a good love story but there needs to be some other plot too...see that book about Potato Peels and Gurnsey.    That was a good one.

The Hunger Games were an amazingly fast read for me and they kept my attention.  This book really evoked a lot of emotion while reading it.  It makes you very invested in your players and really hate some others, wonder about what's on the horizon.  Great book.  Great series.   The ending was depressing though.  I guess I was not expecting a sugar-y happy conclusion, but that tree song kept playing in my mind.  I must have read it a dozen times.  Depressing.

I was rooting for Katniss and she only annoyed me in the third book (which by then I was so wrapped up in it I could not quit my journey), plus I had to know what happened with Gale and Peeta.  I do think Peeta was a good choice in the end since Katniss needed someone to calm her down and Gale was equally as fiery as Katniss.  Plus Peeta did understand what Katniss went through.  Sigh.  Excited to see it on film but I looked it up on IMDB and saw that Lenny Kravitz plays Cinna and am really worried that he is a terrible actor.  Yes or no?  Of all the people - Lenny Kravitz? Tim Gunn was not available?  David Bromstead?  I am excited about Woody Harrleson playing Haymitch, which I think he will nail. 

I am nervous about the movie though.  I always enjoy the movie but I heard it has shaky camera stuff.  Have you seen it - what did you think?

The concept of this book was horrifying, yes, but sometimes it's fascinating to imagine another world like Panem.  A future world where you really have to survive.  What would you do?  What is your skill?

If you have not read these books, I would highly recommend.  I will ask my friends that let me borrow them if you can borrow them.  Thanks Ladies!


Nadja Brocus said...

I need a new series. I've danced around The Hunger Games and never committed. Should I do it? Should I?!?

Amber said...

I tried to ignore the Hunger Games, but I finally caved a couple months ago. I am so.glad.I.did. I loved them. And I'm not even embarrassed to admit that.

I haven't seen the movie yet. I agree that Woody Harrelson is going to be a great Haymitch. I like your thought about Tim Gunn as Cinna, although I think I can see Lenny Kravitz pulling it off. Kind of like Joe Cocker's successful role in Across the Universe. I can picture a guy in my head who I thought would be a great Cinna, but I can't name him. If I ever think of it (please, universe, let me think of it!), I'll let you know.

I wouldn't survive Panem. I tried thinking about what I'd do in that future world and just got really, really depressed. I don't think writing, reading and scrapbooking will get me very far!