Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Kylee

Say Ky....say Lee....

Say it together....Happy Birthday Kylee!

Happy Birthday to you my beautiful friend!

I hope you have the best day possible and that you feel as special as you make others feel.  You, Kylee, are one of a kind, a star among us, and someone that brings joy to those around her and also via your incredible blog (read here) we can see the world through your eyes, which is a gift.  And what a wonderful view.  For those of us privileged enough to be your friend, thank you, and we love you.

From Toledo, OH (which is too far) Happy Birthday to an amazing person - Kylee.


Mickey D. said...

It's true. There's no one like her.

This was lovely.

Wrestling Kitties said...


She really is a wonderful person!

Summer said...


Very well said.

Ky • said...

First off, I apologize for not commenting on this until NOW. I actually read this on the day of my birth on the iPad but I couldn't comment.

Een, I love you. This was such a kind post and you didn't have to write this, but you did, and that makes my heart happy.

Thank you. And miss you.

And I love Lionel and my life will NOT be complete until I see him in concert.