Saturday, August 18, 2012

Garish Groupon

Yesterday Groupon offered a paraffin dip and massage at Divine Sensation in Perrysburg.  Sounds good right?  I clicked on it and this was the picture:

Call me a prude, but all is that side boob really necessary?  Does the slogan "sex sells," really need to be applied to all the soccer moms and working singles of the suburban Toledo area?  Why does everything always have to be so SLUTTY? 

You can count me out. 


Nadja Brocus said...

I'm LOLing. Sorry :/

Ky • said...

You know, that IS a lot of side boob. I see a ton of spa stock photography all the time, given my location and career path, and that really is a LOT of side boob. Yikes.

Erika Jean said...

Well, that IS what I envision myself looking like if I were there. HAhahahAHa Dream on self.

ashlee said...


Anonymous said...


bob :)

Anonymous said...

her cup runneth over onto the massage mat. i don't know whether to be disturbed or jealous..... : )
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