Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blogger Blues

I have been so uninspired lately.  Maybe because I am busy at work, maybe because I have not done anything sweet lately, or maybe because I am obsessed with Instagram.  Instagram is so fun and easy - taking the time to sit down and produce a quality post is much harder!  (insert duh).

Also, my technology setup is lacking.  I need a better setup at home and I really think I need an official lesson on how to use my iPad.  I love it for browsing, but I KNOW it has amazing capacities that I am not able to unleash at this time.


Anonymous said...

What is your name on Instagram? I want to follow you :)

Nadja Brocus said...

Do I follow you on instagram??

Iris Took said...

merp, I see you!

Nada, I am Iris Took on instagram also, but yes you are already following me. I'm following you :)

Amber said...

I got the Blogger Blues, too. I have nothing good to write about, so my blog is hurting. :-(