Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Product Review: Self Tanning Products

Let's get into the thick of it - since I have not blogged since 1998, I will start back with a heavy topic - self tanning.  I used to really love to get tan - use SPF 4 and oil like that ok.  But now, I use a responsible waterproof 30 and mix in a 70 here and there.  Ugh.  I know it's better for you, but there is just something so great about being tan...real tan.  However, research shows sund damage causes cancer....

I just bought the Loreal Sublime Bronze Airbrush in a can the other day based on a friend's recommendation.  Well?  I love it.  I sprays on nice and even, seriously dries in seconds and does not have that self tanner, gross maple syrupy smell that will come out of your pores even days later.  Gives you a nice color and no streaking.  Plus, spraying it is really fun.  Ssssshhhhhhhhtttttttt!

I also like the Sublime Bronze lotion, but I feel like it is glittery and I have to shower, then regular lotion, then the bronzey lotion, then stand in front of a fan, THEN go to bed, then shower again...who has time for that?! 

Next - Tan Towel.  Their tag line is "Look good naked."  While I don't find this to be a great slogan since I use the tan towel everywhere you can see while clothed (so then my stomach, back, bum, etc.. are all super white...Hey, I like to see the contrast), I seriously love the Tan Towel!  They are like moist towelettes (thank God this is a blog and not conversation so I don't have to say that word aloud), that have the tanning magic in them.  They do have a bit of the sour Aunt Jemima smell, but they go on easy-peasy and very evenly. Better wash your hands right way though or else you will have oompa loompa plams!   Confession:  I totally bought a giant box of these on QVC and I am ok with it.

So - the thing is I have great color now, but I can't really be in the water too long or else it rubs off.  Oh well, I will be happy when my face still looks ok when I am older (...er, next year).

What do you do about sun/tanning?


ErikaJean said...

Here's my thought process... Everyone is a afraid the sun will give them cancer so they do all this self tanning stuff and then I'm sure we'll all find out that all this shit we've been spraying and rubbing on ourselves.... causes.... cancer.

So yeah, my ass is out soaking up the sun with a moderate amount and power sunscreen...

Sarah said...

hahaha (ErikaJean!)

I let myself get real sun when I can, but damn if my full-time job doesn't get in the way!

I have used the Loreal spray and I do love it - also like Neutrogenas.

Lately I've been using this gel stuff from Avon. I LOVE IT! I'm amazed how evenly it goes on and it looks 100% natural. It has a slight fake-tan smell, but it goes away pretty quickly. And it dries just as fast as the sprays.

HamMarked said...

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Wrestling Kitties said...

I am interested in the airbrush stuff. Interesting.

Did you use it on your face too?!