Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Product Review: Dior Show Mascara and Primer

Sephora:  I got sucked in like a vortex.  I had been wanting new mascara since my Clinique was not holding up it's end of the bargain any longer.  At the end of the day, I just looked incredibly tired.  All my eye makeup was gone.  My bare minerals is doing a good job and I am loving it, but mascara was not cutting the mustard.    SO!  After hearing great blogger friends reviews over the years, I hit Sephora seeking the Dior Show stuff that sounded so glamorous and expensive.

The tallest person in all of Westfield  immediately asked me if I needed help *resist urge to say that you are just browsing*   So, I bite.  She piles on the information and rushes me over here and then over there, opens this wand and that tube and twirls it in the air and swoops it across the horizon.  She expounds about the technology of the silicone wand versus the bigfatbrush stick.    Blahbleblabelalalalal......  Confused.  About mascara.  Der!  Then.  She tells me I have a flawless face and that a perfectly mascara'ed eye would be just amazing on me.

I buy everything and act like she's my best friend of all time.  Why are we such suckers for flattery?

Anyway.  I settled on a Dior Primer (because you NEED it!  How have you been living without it?) and the Diorshow Blackout (I don't know why it's a show).    What's up with it?  Fabulous.  I am in love with it and am happy that when I go home, I still look like I have eyelashes.

Go see my tall friend at Sephora.  Compliments galore and splendid advice for makeup.  Oh, and take your piggy bank.


Nadja Brocus said...

Welcome to the land of stupidly expensive mascara. You will never go back. Even if you lose your job you will dig for coins in the cushions to get your DiorShow. I've been their loyal customer for a decade.

Sassytimes said...

I'll have to try this! I'm a sucker for a dark mascara that stays on all day.

Anonymous said...

Sephora is like Target. Can't escape for less than $100. BTW i also love BadGal Lash by Benefit :)

kate • one more thing said...

Why is it I had to read this just after cursing my mascara this morning and now I feel compelled to visit Sephora on my lunch hour which would only lead to trouble??? Damn you.

I HATE the wand on my bare minerals stuff. The mascara could actually be wonderful, but the wand is horrible. I apply with the horrible wand and then use an old wand from Maybelline to distribute the mascara better. It's a ridiculous process. Mascara shouldn't be that hard.

It was a gift though and I feel like I should really use it before buying new. Stupid guilt.

Ky • said...

Oh, how I love DiorShow. It's fantastic. My current favorite is also Lancome Hypnose. It's INCREDIBLE.

And the Dior primer is AMAZING.

I would work at Sephora.