Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spice it up

I do love the Dr. Oz show, I just can't help it.  Although every time I watch it, I feel an immediate sensation afterward to sprint out of my house and get every possible new vitamin on the market and incorporate apple cider vinegar in all my food.  And I hate vinegar.

On Tuesday, the good doctor featured trainer and fitness guru Kim Lyons and her 10 day fat flush!  Read all about it here.  Kim highlighted this spice rub for protein that sounded delicious that I quickly scribbled on my bank statement while watching.  Later that night in the grocery store, I couldn't remember exactly what it was.

Here is what I concocted based on memory (guess I need some ginko bilbo baggins or whatever):
Equal parts:
Ground Mustard Seed
Sea Salt (had to)

What I was supposed to do:
Chili Powder
Ground Mustard Seed
(no salt of course!)

I rubbed that onto tilapia and pan seared it in one tsp. oil and finished it in the oven.  Seriously?  SO DELISH!  Ms. Lyons claims this spice rub will set your metabolism on fire.  On fire.  Well, Kim, I will rub that stuff all over my body if that's what it takes.  I put it on my egg whites this am.  How was it?  GOOD! 

What kinds of spices do you like to use and what kinds of spice experiments have you done?


Amber said...

This cracked me up!

I think I'm gonna try it.

Nadja Brocus said...

I would roll around in Tastefully Simple spices. During my diet I transitioned from cooking with creams to only using their spices. 30lbs down and happy as a clam. Yay spices!!

Wrestling Kitties said...

mmmmmm, that sounds delicious!!

I love spices. My parents bought me a bunch of indian spices that I am experimenting with. I LOVE the warmth and flavors of those spices.

We use old bay way too much in our house! I am not sure what other spices we use. We have SO many we just grab what sounds good at the time. Some times it turns out and :)

I do want to try this one!