Friday, May 18, 2012

My, my, my hematoma

Axl Rose fell off a table whilst serpentine-ing at an after party in Moscow the other day and busted up his leg.  What can I say - LOL?  This is a funny image in my mind.  Chugging whisky out the bottle, smoking a cig, and slithering his famous dance, then WHOOPS!  Off the table sustaining a very bruised leg.  Hilarious.   Article here.  He looks a little crazy (er, crazier, in this photo from the article), sort of like Drop Dead Fred.  *Dislike*

Axl - I will always think of you as the Rock God you are.  Like this:

William Bruce Bailey posted a pic on Twitter (yes, I follow him on Twitter) of his injury, and it is quite an odd photo.  It looks like an arm, but we know it's his leg.  Oh, Axl, ever the media whore mogul. 

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Wrestling Kitties said...

Oh, new Axl just annoys me. I my mind he will forever be the old Axl Rose!!

(That picture of his leg is gross....ew)

Did you see GNR at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony?