Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I miss VHS

Over the weekend, the most fun of all....sitting around a fire and drinking, telling stories and laughing with some of the people that you love the most. Our topic: movies we loved as kids. If you are my sisters, you love weirdo/awesome movies like Police Academy, the Burbs, Big, Gremlins, Goonies, Indiana Jones, Adventures in Babysitting, and of course, Teen Wolf.

Now, Dad was clever and he taped these movies off TV so they were not only edited, but included commericals. Only in the last few years did I have any idea that Mahoney hired a hooker, that Ferris Bueller had a singing slutty nurse visit, or that they there was any swearing/sex/innapropriate whatsoever at all in these movies - it was the EIGHTIES! You couldn't get away with anything in network television. And it was awesome.

The commericals were my favorite too. Billy Crystal? "Uuuuu luuuuk mahhhvelous baby. Uuuuu rrrrreally duuuu." The micromachines man? How on earth did anyone talk that fast? We always tried to impersonate him. Can you imagine how annoying that was for our parents? Toyota commercials? Yeah, we jumped off everything with our arms in the air too singing, "Toooooooy-o-ta!"

Enjoy this clip from Teen Wolf as the basketball coach gives his life lessons. Recalling this quote is what put us over the edge with laughter. (Sorry I can't post this in a better format - Ky, I need an iPad lesson in July). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfA2MuUJDyI&feature=youtube_gdata_player


Anonymous said...

i'm hopping out of the room as we speak!! ahahahahahahaa!

love this post!

Summer said...

OH my. What a fun post! These were by far THE BEST movies. . . EVER. Teen Wolf has yet to be topped in my book.


Amber said...

Definitely the best movies.

"Give me ... a keg ... of beer ... ... and these."


Anonymous said...

Remember how amazing it was to watch the unedited versions and learn what they ACTUALLY say? Thanks, dad, for protecting our innocent ears as long as possible! ~Jamie