Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Whoa (Joey Lawrence)!

Have you seen that Old Navy commercial starring Joey and Blossom?  It's ridic.  Anyway...

I was perusing this cake blog at lunch today and look.at.this!  A LIFE SIZE STORM TROOPER CAKE.  I mean, come on!  Thank god I didn't find this before our wedding. 

The big question is, as always, are these elaborate cakes good?  Do they still taste like cake?  Next question...who gets the codpiece? 


Wrestling Kitties said...

aaaaahhhhhh!! hahahahahaha

Who gets the codpiece!!!

You are AWESOME!

I think the husband should totally get to eat the codpiece! :)

I too wonder with cakes this size how good they taste.....and I wonder how expensive that thing was?!


(I googled the commercial. eh. Once was OK, but I would be annoyed seeing it anymore. I LOVE Blossom on the big bang theory. Perfect fit on that show!)

Trophy Life said...

never had this type of "sculpture" cake cut up and offered to me, but honestly, after watching the shows and what goes into them (handling), i cannot believe they would taste good...all that fondant cannot be good.