Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Product Review - Vaseline Coco Butter

No, ladies and gents, it is not 1950.  My mom swears by the original tub of Vaseline or petroleum jelly.  Vaseline is the name brand..  It always grossed me out and now, naturally, I love it and find that it works beautifully.  As usual, Mom is always right, and it's annoying.

Vaseline comes in a tub/jar that is so big you could never possibly use it all in the same calendar year, unless you used it to grease a turkey (which certainly you would never do), or play slip n slide on a house, but you get idea.  Vaseline is cheap, people.  It works for everything.  Here are the fantastic uses:

1)  Eye make up remover.
2)  Under eye smother aka miracle wrinkle cream
3)  Lip balm - the original!
4)  Hand salve - seriously, put this on at night and notice how amazing your hands are in the am
5)  Cuticle oil - see above steps and results
6)  Greases squeaky doors

Ok - there you have it!  I love that tub of Vaseline and it's the ultimate value.  Go get some today.  Click here for the Vaseline site for all the amazing Vaseline products including the original petroleum jelly and the coco butter that I like.


Anonymous said...

It would be so much easier to purchase if you didn't feel like a PERV buying it!!!! :-)

Sassytimes said...

I love Vaseline...okay, now I sound like a perv. ;) Ha. We've had the same jar FOREVER. It's the only lip balm I can use without breaking out. I wonder, does it go bad? Hmm...

Wrestling Kitties said...

"greases squeaky doors!!" HAHA

We started using it more after Henry was born because we had to for certain things. I find myself using it for chapped lips now but never thought of using it under the eyes! Great tip