Friday, March 30, 2012

Ma'am, you got a baby face

When did I become a ma'am? Why is it that I don't mind it when people tell me I have a baby face? Ahhh, crap! It's happening! My little sister and I are in Denver visiting our older sister for her birthday and in our travels we usually have some fun, some mishaps, and definitely some shenanigans. Basically, we like to booze heavily before and during our flight. Don't worry, we made it this time. We have missed flights before due to irresponsible time management, falling asleep at the gate, and mostly overpriced alcohol consumption. I know it is polite to say "ma'am" to a person you do not know, but there are three factors that determine if it is percieved as nice or condescending. To me anyway. 1). Are you way younger and more attractive than I am? (this is a biggie) 2). Did you take a snotty tone with me/do you have a genuine tone in your voice? 3). Are you from the south? New rule...only Southerners can use ma'am to a woman and if you are not a card carrying member of the Southern states, then 'miss' is the appropriate way to address a lady. Fact...Southerners sound more polite. I got carded (yes!) on the plane and the flight attendant was surprised at my age (33). "Well, you just got a baby face!!" Awesome. Now, if someone had told me (which they did) when I was in my 20s that my face resembled as baby's, I would has been royally insulted. Now, complimented. Seems I'm the Babyface Madam though. So I'll rock it...embrace it....and get drunk on flights.


Sassytimes said...

LOL. I hate ma'am, I do.

I got called a grandma by a 5 year old the other day. Depressing. I'm your age.

Anonymous said...

I think I need to fly with you and Sal somewhere. I think we'd have a great time!


kate • one more thing said...

I couldn't read the rest of the post after picturing you passed out in a seat near the gate missing your flight. The best.