Monday, March 19, 2012

The Hip Bone's connected to the....wallet

It's been 5 months since my hip surgery and I am still in PT.  I am not sure how much it is helping, but the medical bills are rolling in.  And they keep rolling.  Plus they can be confusing, so when you call, you expect the person to know exactly what they are talking about.  However, not so much.  So that's fun.

The doctor said that I would not further injure myself my exercising and, frankly, I am tired of feeling tubby, so I went and signed up for a personal trainer on top of the physical therapist.  Doesn't hurt to have a second opinion, right?

So, I feel refocused and good right now.  Still having hip pain (which I have been told is normal - to which I say WTF for lack of better phrasing), but not more than what I was having before the surgery.  It's tolerable.  The PT and the Trainer have different approaches and different exercises.  Overall, I FEEL better.  I am eating MUCH better (notice how excersice and a good diet go hand in hand?) and feel I am doing everything possible to continue the healing process.

What I have learned through this process:
1)  Stop reading web MD.
2)  Everyone is different.
3)  Other people have different journeys than you do.
4)  AKA No two bodies are the same.
5)  When doctors say, "This will be a breeze," ASK MORE QUESTIONS!
6)  Always expect to pay a lot in bills
7)  Don't feel like you are bothering the doctor.  You are paying for it!
8)  There is a fine line between being polite and being direct.  It's YOUR body.
9)  Expect setbacks.
10)  Keep trying.

Happy Monday! 


kate • one more thing said...

Oh Een... ugg. I have been thinking about you and the hip.

I have some suggestions based on some stuff Jeff's been doing for his back - will elaborate when we meet for our "date." It's a good story and I can already see the look on your face when I tell you the craziness of it all.

I can't wait to see you :)

ps - maybe the hot yoga will be beneficial for the hip??

Ky • said...

Oh friend, I cannot even fathom the frustration. I mean, seriously.

I'm thinking of you. And I'm sorry about the discomfort. And the bills. Oh, the bills are horrendous. We're still getting them from Vivi's first eye surgery in October and it's just insane.

Wendy said...

Medical bills are horrendous! And why can't they come all at once - the sneaky bills are the worse. UGG.