Friday, March 23, 2012

Green Tip of the Month

At our monthly meeting, all employees get to learn the "Green Tip of the month" and this month was about produce.  Have you been eating organic?  I love apples and think the organic ones just don't taste as good and are less I crazy?  Trying to make better choices is tough, but knowledge is power, right?  Here's some power for you:

Are you getting your 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day?  If so, good for you!  However, it’s likely that you’re also ingesting more than your share of 14 different pesticides.  These chemicals have been linked to health problems, such as birth defects, nerve damage and cancer, especially in pregnant women and children, whose organs are still developing. They also wreak havoc on the environment by degrading groundwater and killing beneficial insects (and thus upsetting the natural balance of the environment).  The Environmental Working Group compiles a list of the 12 most pesticide-laden produce items each year.  If you’ve been thinking of going organic, these food items would be a great place to start.  However, there are fruits and vegetables that are typically grown with fewer pesticides, leaving them a good choice for those that don’t want the expense of going organic for all foods.

The Dirty Dozen
The Clean Fifteen
1.       Apples
1.       Onions
2.       Celery
2.       Sweet corn
3.       Strawberries
3.       Pineapple
4.       Peaches
4.       Avocado
5.       Spinach
5.       Asparagus
6.       Nectarines (imported)
6.       Sweet peas
7.       Grapes (imported)
7.       Mango
8.       Sweet bell peppers
8.       Eggplant
9.       Potatoes
9.       Cantaloupe (domestic)
10.   Blueberries (domestic)
10.   Kiwi
11.   Lettuce
11.   Cabbage
12.   Kale/collard greens
12.   Watermelon

13.   Sweet potatoes

14.   Grapefruit

15.   Mushrooms

 Growing your own vegetable garden?  You can go organic yourself.  Check with the Lucas County Extension service for tips.  419-578-6783 or


Nadja said...

I LOVE this! I try to be so careful with the ladies' produce. Their little systems seem so vulnerable to me!

Wrestling Kitties said...

Good to know!

I have thought about getting SOME organic veggies for Henry when he starts eating more solid food. I don't eat organic all that often for us.

I do prefer organic or near organic meat! We bought a part of a cow a couple years ago and it was AMAZING.