Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Dog ate my Homework

You know how when you are so behind you feel like you will never catch up?

That's how I feel. 

Here's to a good month of blogging.  My posts might be back dated, but at least they will be appearing!

Here is what I have been doing:
1)  Seeing my first 3-D movie
2)  Traveling for work
3)  Being sick - twice
4)  Trying to work out with a trainer - always a saga
5)  Going to see my favorite band
6)  Working - duh
7)  My best friend had a baby but I was too sick to go see her in the hospital (insert guiltiness)
8)  Giving up all sweets for lent - UGH
9)  Going to Chicago for some fun
10)  Missing my blog world!


kate • one more thing said...

I know how you feel. Yesterday I looked at my blog and realized almost two weeks had gone by. When?? I have no idea.

Welcome back :)

Ky • said...

Um, I totally understand.

And welcome back.

And I hope you are feeling better!

And I want to hear more about your best friend's new baby. Email me, please. :)