Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yonanas: Product Review

What?  Ice cream made out of fruit?  It can't BE!

You are right.  Infomercials irritate me because they are ALWAYS too good to be true.  I'm still a sucker for them and love watching the commercials.  Sopakawa pillow anyone?

However, this Yonanas contraption is pretty awesome.  It boasts that it turns frozen bananas and other frozen fruit into soft-serve ice cream. They say it does not taste like bananas.  While that is not exactly true, I found the consistiency to be incredibly creamy and soft-serve like, and the taste to be very, very good (but still tastes kind of like bananas).  My cousin in Chicago was gifted one of these for her little girl that does not like to eat fruits and veggies.

We make a recipe with bananas and mixed berries.  It was tasty!  You can mix in peanut butter and call it PB & J.  I bet that would have been good too.  

Check out Yonanas here.

Have you tried Yonanas? 


Sarah W said...

I've been making banana "ice cream" for the past couple of months at home... with a small food processor. See here: http://www.thekitchn.com/stepbystep-instructions-for-on-97170. You definitely don't need to buy a $60 contraption. The secret is to not freeze the nanners for too long. I cut then into slices and put in the freezer for 2-3 hours. Throw them in the food processor and blend. Takes a few minutes, but they will turn into ice cream consistency. I often add a little peanut butter (or Nutella!) somewhere in the middle of the blending process.

kate • one more thing said...

Did you see Kylee's blog today? You are both on the same page :)

business economy world said...

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Wrestling Kitties said...

I have not even heard of this!!

I don't know if I can do banana or not. I like bananas, but not banana flavored anything.

I am checking out that website.

Ky • twopretzels.com said...

I hate bananas, too.

So does H. eat fruit now with this little contraption? Did it work for her?