Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hi Andrew!

Every morning before I get out of bed, I check my phone.  Perhaps this is a bad habit, but it usually wakes me up.  Something fun, something exciting, something irritating.  It gets my blood pumping.  Yoga may be a better option...

Today, I saw the most exciting email from Twitter.

"Andrew Zimmern is now following you on Twitter."

Jolt!  Who?  ME?  YES!  Hi Andrew!!  I am a huge fan!!!!!  How did you find me?  This is a crazy digital world we live in and Andrew Zimmern is following ME!  Holy Wow!  Thrill of thrills.

Andrew...need a Toledo-based food blogger??  :)  I will eat ANYTHING (obviously...based on this blog).  The only thing I love more than eating is writing about it (or maybe taking photos of it).

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Ky • said...

Stop it. This is amazing. I am smiling.

Amber said...

You're coming to see him in April, right?

Iris Took said...

Hi Amber, YES! I still need to get my ticket thought. I hope they are not sold out.

Amber said...

Not sold out yet! Meet and greet still available, too!