Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Weekend Adventure: Ann Arbor

Over the weekend DT and I adventured up to Ann Arbor where we had a ton of fun.  We made several stops.

1)  Trader Joe's.  I had never been to Trader Joe's and have always heard about it's cheap wine lore, low priced organics, and friendly staff.  To my surprise, Trader Joe's was more like an Aldi and less like a Costco.  They have good deals there and different foodstuffs than your standard Kroger or Giant Eagle stores.  Seaweed snack?  Ok.  Chicken Andouille sausage.  Yes please.  Organic White Teas for $2.99 a box.  Hooray!  Being that is was a Sunday afternoon, it was jam packed and hard to peruse.  We did get two full bags (sturdy, bring your own, recycle-type bags of course) of new and exciting groceries for a few bucks shy of $100.  Included in that price, we loaded up on wonderfully priced wine and beer.  Awesome.  The check-out guy could not have been any nicer.  Not an ounce nicer.  Go Joe's!

2)  Flat Top Grill.  Shopping at Joe's stirred up an appetite in us, so we had spotted a Flat Top Grill along Washtenaw.  There is a Flat Top in Chicago that we used to frequent.  Think Mongolian BBQ, and then think...a TON better.  It is that same stir-fry concept, but they must grill on a lower heat and for longer (becuase you wait longer), but it is worth it!  Everything tastes burnt to me at Mongo, but FTG is the bomb!   There are a lot more sauce, vegetable, and meat options.  You can add "sticks" to change your bowl to soup, mu shu, get a piee of bread, etc.... It's cool.  Trust me.

3)  Zingerman's Deli.  Zingerman's is world famous so we had to stop there despite just having eaten lunch so we could get sandwiches to go.  Let me remind you, DT is a chef and I am in the food/catering business so this was more of a business trip.  LOL.  We love food :)  Zingerman's was abuzz with people.  The meat/cheese counter was glorious.  Let me tell you.  We bought a $15 brick of cheese. Yes.  It was worth it.  Then I talked with the olive oil gal for a good while.  She opened anything I wanted to try and somethings I didn't even want to try.  They just take care of you there.  I guess that's what you can do when you have $15 blocks of cheese and $60 vials of olive oil.

Next door to the deli is a coffee/confectionery so you can enjoy more food and the Zingerman empire.  They had all kinds of delicious sweets there including gelato and little chocolates, a soda fountain, places to sit and work on your iPad or MacBook Pro (I don't think they allow PCs in there).

Those Zingermans are doing something right, let me tell you.

4)  Random fish market.  I think we were on overload after that, but we stumbled into this cool fish/meat market with a gorgeous case of fresh Amish poulty and Angus beef.  It was just fun to look at how Ann Arbor makes use of their spaces.  After that we hit the road back to Toledo.  Fun little trip.


Ragan said...

i LOVE Zingermans - jealous!
i heart (and miss) ann arbor in general. It's such a great little town. did you know that trader joe's and aldi are actually owned by the same company? maybe that's why they felt similar ;)

Lauren Tracy said...

I love Ann Arbor so much! Reading your post makes me miss it! Trader Joe's needs to come to Toledo (There is actually a facebook page called Bring Trader Joes to Toledo!)

Wrestling Kitties said...

Sounds like a fun trip!

I love Ann Arbor. Terry and I go at least once a year in October for a record show they have and we make a day/weekend out of it.

I want to go to Trader Joes next time.

We always eat at the same place, an Irish Pub called Conor O'Neills. LOVE IT.