Saturday, January 21, 2012

Restaurant Review: Caper's Pizza

Another restaurant adventure led us to Caper's Pizza Bar located on S. Byne/Glanzman.  Another locally owned joint recommended to me over and over again (I recommed it to people having never been there!), we checked it out the other night.
The food
Let's cut to the chase.  Simply amazing.  If you read this blog, you know I love food and struggle with weight/go to WW every week.  So therefore it is a reasonable conclusion that I love and appreciate food.  Caper's has homemade pizza - dough from scratch, fresh ingredients (Italian rope sausage!), and big ovens that I can only assume are brick.  We also tried the anti-pasta skewers for an appetizer and it was not a traditional, instead, it had a nice spin of sundried tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, kalamatta olives, and salami topped with a balsamic glaze.  MMMM!  Their menu is extensive and I would like to go back and try a sandwich sometime, but only if I have a partner and we can still get pizza.

The service
Good service gets a great tip.  Our waitress was a doll - so prompt, so nice, and she really comprehended the line between attentive and obnoxious.  She did NOT push wine on me and did not make me feel weird about having a glass of wine and chasing it with a Diet Coke.  It's my splurge night.  I choose to splurge on pizza, wine and Diet Coke.  Sue me.

The atmosphere
I didn't really feel like I was in Italy, and my feet did not touch the floor in the particular booth we sat in, but it was clean,  had hard plastic plates, classic big red cups for soda, nice stemware for wine.  The pizza come out on one of those pedestals - displaying it's perfect pizza-ness properly.  What else can you ask for?  There were pieces of art on the wall by a local artist for sale and I also noticed that Caper's is participating in Restaurant Week: Toledo.  Pretty cool. 

Definitely recommend Caper's!

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Sarah said...

I'll agree with this one! LOVE Capers! (their salads are terrific too, but...their baked mac'n'cheese...heaven in a bowl. I am not joking.)