Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Only in an office environment

We have a one bathroom type situation.  No stalls.  Just one door and one commode (ick).  Thank god we have a men's and a women's. 

Question (based on real life experiences):
Who is it more awkward for when someone does not lock the ONE door?  The person getting walked in on or the person walking in?

You then have to see that person periodically throughout the day.  Avoid eye contact and definitely avoid conversation.   You have that vision of their surprised face burned into your memory.   "Oh....uh...sorry!"  You both yell it.  It's terrible. 

Moral of the story.  LOCK THE DOOR.

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wrestling kitties said...


We also have a bathroom situation just like yours. I remember one time I walked in on someone who forgot to lock the door but thank goodness for both of us she was all put away and washing her hands!!

I think it would be awkward for both and after that you would probably never forget to lock the door and always open the door when going in slowly, which is exactly what I do!

Can I also say that on most days we have 11 women sharing a bathroom and only 3 maybe 4 men in theirs. You can guarantee that at least once during the day while you are in there someone will basically power walk into that door to try to open it while you are in there. Why do they have to do that. It is annoying.