Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Movies

Once of my favorite activities is seeing a movie on the big screen and I have not been to the theater in a while.  I prefer to always see an action movie though.  Comedies or, ugh, romantic comedies, are not as good to me in theaters and I feel like it's kind of a waste of money unless it's one I have really been wanting to see.

Here are the movies I am looking forward to seeing (especially with the Oscars coming, I want to be in the know):
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (although I really do want to read the book first...I don't care if it's cliche)
Sherlock Holmes
The Devil Inside (Let's be honest, I'm too big of a wuss to see this.  Even the commerical terrifies me, but it looks really good.)
Mission Impossible
Underworld:  Awakening (Although I'm sure it's not getting Oscar buzz, I just like to see Seline kick some ass another time.)
The Grey (Starring Liam Neeson who also kicks ass.)

That should keep me busy for a while.  Seen any of these?

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wrestling kitties said...

Seeing movies is my favorite thing, but the only one we have seen in months is the Muppets...which was AWESOME!

My parents saw the Girl with the dragon Tattoo and said it was really good!

My sister saw Sherlock Holmes and said it was better than the first.

I want to see Underworld as well