Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Green Tip of the Month

We are very earth conscious at work and, therefore, share a green tip at our monthly meetings.  This month's tip was offered to help us reduce our water usage.

The recommended time in the shower is 3 minutes.  To help you spend the recommended time in the shower, set an egg timer for 3 minutes and then finish up when it rings. 

I have a stopwatch feature on my phone so I have been timing myself and here are the results:
Day 1:  3:10
Day 2:  4:05
Day 3:  9:10  (Hair washing!  takes so much longer - but I only wash my hair every three days so I feel it evens out)
Day 4:  2:35

I was impressed with myself.  I can work on the hair washing days - 9 minutes is long but I have a TON of hair.  Seriously.

To assist you in your water conservation efforts, buy a cute egg-timer here.

My amazing friend KZ bought me an egg-timer that I LOVE.  He looks like this but yellow.


wrestling kitties said...

Soooo, Terry and I are the WORST when it comes to saving water.

Showers: Terry will turn the shower on 5 minutes before he even gets IN because he wants a warm bathroom. And then takes a 10-15 minute shower. I on the other hand, before I had Henry, would SIT in the shower (our tub is small and sucks) to relax and just let the water hit me. Closest thing to a bath I can do. I could easily do this for 15 minutes. The last month of my pregnancy I think I did this nearly every night and still took a shower in the morning.

Now, our showers have cut back a bit because we don't have the time as we are each normally alone with Henry. But when we go to feed henry we turn the hot water on and leave it running until it is warm enough so we can fill a cup and put a bottle in it. That is how we warm bottles. We use to do this 7 or more time a we are down to 5.

and lets not talk about how much laundry we do.

Seriously, we are the WORST.

Good for you for...2:45 that is awesome!!

wrestling kitties said...

p.s. LOVE that timer!