Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Fresh Love" Photography

Curiosity got the best of me and I just had to look this up.  Bob and Tom were discussing this photographer out of Tokyo, Hal, and his method of vacuum sealing his clients for sessions called "Fresh Love."  (On his actual site it is called Fresh Love, on this article the journalist calles it "Flesh Love. lol.)  Click here for Hal's webite.  Please click there.  Pretty interesting.  I especially like the part about how he begins to negotiate with his subjects to pose.


I would encourage you to read this article as I am not going to do it justice because I am simply not this artistic.  I can tell you that I would never allow someone to vacuum seal me for a photo - or for any reason - and would not hang a picture of this in my office.  I do find it interesting, hence the blog post, but interesting in the deeply disturbing and a bit bothersome interesting.  My mind immediately thinks of how you would get out of the seal.  Knife?  You need an immediate air hole.  How do you give the signal?  You are wrapped up!  Imagine how hot and sweaty it is in there.  Ugh.  I also loathe the smell of plastic - like new shower curtain smell.  Horrific. 

I'm sure some people find this sexy.  But not me.   No sirree.  I like a good ole black and white photo in nature.  Preferably in the fall when no one is sweaty.


Written Permission said...

I am hyperventilating just LOOKING at that couple in the photograph. This seems like the worst, sweatiest, most anxiety-inducing idea ever.

What better way to commemmorate your love?


Summer said...

Oh my...


Oh my...

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