Thursday, January 19, 2012

Easy, Breezy Dinner

DT and I are epicurious people who enjoy dining out at new but also tried and true establishments.  Last week, we hit Mac and Tongs located on the corner of Talmadge and Central.  If you've never been there, it's old and loungey and not what you would expect from the outside.  It comes highly recommended, has an extensive bar, an upscale menu, daily specials, and couches for chairs.

How was the food?
Food was average...overall.  They were missing a few items from the menu that were not mentioned until we ordered them.  The vegetables were string green beans from a can...a CAN!  Gross.  Salad was good, dressing was average.  The salmon was incredible though, bringing up the average. 

How was the service?
Pretty terrible.  Our server was new and I can be forgiving, but she pushed wine on me all night (which I hate), didn't know the menu at all, brought out the wrong meal for me and called it "our miscommunication," um, no, and never once apologized.  Acted like she did me a favor when she brought out the salmon 15 minutes after my husband had his food.  For a meal that cost us about $100 with drinks and an appetizer, not cool.  Also, do not say "munchin on that?"  Ugh.

How was the atmosphere?
This was the kicker.  We sat by the bar and the crowd in this place was quite a bit....mature.  DT was not at the table at the moment when a gentleman stood in front of me, back to me, at my head level, and was watching the football game.  I was just sitting alone, minding my own business, when this dude RIPPED ONE directly in my face.  It was loud.  I felt a breeze.  It actually smelled. 

DT was shocked at my face when he returned to the table.  I started explaining to him what had just occurred when across the room another statesman leaned over the davenport to get his overcoat and honked one out.  This one was heard by everyone.  Our waitress was laughing so hard she had to retreat to the kitchen.




So, overall our trip to Mac and Tongs:
1)  Excellent Salmon
2)  Noisy Dining Room
3)  Overpriced Entertainment we can get at home


Sassytimes said...

Wow. LOVE this review. I've been told several times to check this place out for a date night. My husband and I always forget about it...glad we did!

wrestling kitties said...

What, who rips ass at a place you or not?! That is gross! And I was a waitress, but I would have been very annoyed at yours. Not cool.

Great review...please do more of these! Terry and I love to eat out and try new places, but when we do go out in Toledo we go to the same 4 places every single time because we hate the idea of spending money at a new place and being disappointed.

Ky • said...


I am laughing.

Did this seriously just happen.

Hilarious. Oh my gosh.

I cannot believe any of this happened. (I mean, I can, but...)

Dee Dee said...

Unbelievable! I'm sorry you had a bad experience, but so glad you blogged about it so I was able to get a good chuckle.

I guess my question is, who are these people? I'm afraid to think about what they do at home!

Trophy Life said...

"overpriced entertainment we can get at home" - a.w.e.s.o.m.e!!