Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The end of an era.  The end of a saga.  I want to start over.

If you have not seen any of the Harry Potters, do not, I REPEAT, do not just start at the end, or dear God at the middle.  Please do yourself a favor and start at The Sorcerer's Stone so you can grow to love this phenomenal and fantastical epic.  It is so fun to get lost in the magic but also to connect with the humanness of the tale's characters.  Sigh.  Sob - it's over.

Anyway, I frankly do not want to tell you anything about this movie other than this:

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAMAZING!   Incredible.  Fantastic.  Awesome (the original awesome - not the kind of awesome that everyone flings around).

Does not disappoint.  Not to sound cliche, oh what the hell, it helps to have read the books.  SORRY!  But it does.  At least I can go back and read them all again and since it's been so long, I am sure I have forgotten many details.

Thank you JK Rowling for creating this fantasy world in which we all got so wrapped up.  These are modern classics that have lessons hidden in them like adding carrots to spaghetti sauce.  Good for you and enjoyable.

Also, this HP was the 4th HP that Danny and I have seen together.  Our very first date was to see Order of the Phoenix in July of 2008, then the Half Blood Prince in July 2009, Deathly Hallows in July 2010, and finally HP 7.2 in July 2011.  Each movie came out in July right around the 17th and we always went to see HP on the anniversary of our first date.

The Sorcerer's one....

Friday, July 29, 2011

Engagement Shoot #3

Outfit change #3 - well, just shirts.  Now down to the water by the Maumee River.

This is my favorite photo of the entire shoot!

Or maybe this one!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Poison at the Zoo!

I feel so old! 1990? Serious?

Engagement Shoot #2

 Outfit change!  Sitting in front of 5/3 Field aka Mud Hens Stadium.  It was about 95 degrees that day (no joke).  Basically, our instructions were to, "Look at me, look at each other, SMOOCH, giggle."  This was not that difficult for me and I ended up cracking up a lot.  Directly in poor Danny's ear.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

Ok, so I had a little bit of fun over the weekend - sue me!  Well, actually I had a lot of fun over the weekend...3 solid days of drinking and shoveling food into my face eating  at the lake with my best friends for my bachelorette party.  Guess what?

I gained about 6 pounds in 4 days.  Eek!  I kept telling myself...don't freak's worth will come off. 

And guess what?  I didn't freak out, it WAS worth it and it is already coming off.  Yes, this was a rare and planned occasion where I knew I was going to indulge (well, indulge is not even quite the word - I felt like I was in college again and the freedom was incredibly satisfying).  Then there comes a time to face reality and get back on track.  So that's what I did.   Back on track and doing fine.   I think the key is not to punish yourself and to just reign it in and not let your bad eating snowball.

Over all, I think this weekend put me about two weeks behind in my weight loss efforts (one week to get the weight back off and a second week to get back to where I was going to be), but the main question:  was it worth it? 

YES!  It was worth it.  Now, should I indulge every weekend or even once a month.  No!  Hell no.  that would never work.  I have a goal and I AM going to get there.  Little treats here and there won't kill your momentum but a weekend of willy-nilly booze chugging will.

Thank you to my sisters and friends for an amazing party.  I love you all.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Engagement Shoot

In June we had our engagement shoot with Christin of Blue Martini Photography.  I have been meaning to post these as she sent them to me in the same week (thank you Christin - I can't wait to see you again in October).  Here is outfit #1 along the Blarney area:


Drinks before!  Awesome.

In front of Nana's store

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Receipe Mixers - Perfect Margaritas

Check out this cute product that makes the perfect margaritas!  You can also design your own drink and they will custom make a jar for you!!  How cool is that?   My favorite part about all this is that the lime has a mustache.  Way fun.

This would be a cool idea to take to a housewarming or party - in a bucket with all the booze, salt and limes!   Love it.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday and Junk Food

Crap - it's Thursday!  I did it again, but anyway...

I did great - lost 2.6 and am about 3ish pounds away from the least amount I have ever weighed as an adult.  My initial goal in January was to get here (well, three pounds from here) but I didn't give myself a deadline.   I am beyond excited and hope I can get to my ultimate goal before my wedding.  Let's see if I can do it.  What I have realized though, is that even if I don't make my ultimate goal by October, I can still accomplish it AFTER.  It's not like the game will be over then and I can give up.  This is an ongoing goal and effort. 

What also makes me realize that I am really making positive changes is that this realization makes me feel good and not oppressed.  Knowing that I will have time to work on my weight loss and fitness goals past October is almost a relief.  If I don't make my goal, at a minimum, I will have lost over 35 pounds, and I am very proud of that.

On a side is National Junk Food Day.  Ha!  You can take the girl out of the kitchen, but...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mallrats / I am really getting old

If you ever need entertainment or if you are yearning for a sense of disconnection, please go shopping at the mall on a Friday night.  There you will find a slew of deviants slinking around Forever 21 and the Food Court, swearing, making out, staring, being loud and general rowdiness....

GASP...I'm so old!  That was totally me in 7th grade, not wait, I was just interested in the food court, definitely not the making out part.  Good lord.

Anyway, I was returning an outfit from Express since it didn't fit right (old!) and the music in there was SO LOUD that I could hardly hear myself think (and there we go again....).  But seriously, it was.  Holy hell, get me out of here.

Next stop, H&M....on the way I hear a gaggle of college girls talking about these guys they were hooking up with later.  The one says to the other, "Shut the f@*$ up Brittany, you bitch..." and they all laugh.  I turn around and they were barely in high school.  Wearing cootchie cutter shorts and tank tops, these little skanks were all texting and calling each other whores and wearing more makeup than I did at the last wedding I went to.  The horror!

Finally, as I was leaving, I see two people holding hands.  They stop and just start MAKING OUT.  These two teeny boppers could not have been older than 7th grade.  He was grabbing her butt like it was a bag of buttered popcorn at a main feature.  I was flabbergasted.  Get out the rocking chair.

But really!  Were you doing this crap in 7th and 8th grade?  I may have took a sip of a beer or snuck a cigarette but not in public!  Not making out.  Certainly not wearing an outfit that rivaled a bathing suit and calling my friends sluts and whores.

When did I become a "Ma'am" and start shaking my head at these youngster?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Shoot the Bacon

Shoot the Bacon (or Hunky Turkey) is an Hungarian Tradition that my family has been carrying out for many generations.  We are Hungarian and proud and we like our meat!  Here's why:

To "Shoot the Bacon" here is what you need:
1)  The jowl cut of the bacon, to ensure extra greasiness
2)  White onions, green peppers, tomatoes
3)  White crusty bread

Over an open flame or fire pit in a grill basket, roast the bacon so it starts to sizzle.  Then hold the bacon basket over the nice, healthy white bread so the grease covers it.  Yes, be sure to cover it so it is nice and soaked.  My Grandpa usually supervises - "More grease!"

When you have enough grease, cut up the cooked bacon, add the veggies of your choice (hey, it's a complete meal!), and make a little sandwich out if it.  Delicious.  If you are not Hungarian, you may not like it, but friends, this is a true ethnic treat.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

Finally!  I lost 2.6 yesterday.  I missed last week's meeting but I had not lost any weight in a few weeks.  Damn plateaus!  I was up .2 and then stayed the sam, this and that, and all that garbage.  Whew.  Back on track.  Total loss now is 31.5 since January.

Our topic was about variety and how the summer time is wonderful for weight loss as it gives us an abundant variety of food and the opportunity to "eat from the dirt."  As a fun activity we listed A-Z fruits and vegetables.  I loved it!  Sort of like trivia.

I have never had ugli fruit (nor did I know it was spelled with an I) and I was picturing it as a cactus.  Here it is.  It looks like a beat-down orange.  What new fruits and vegetables have you tried lately?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photog Monkey

Did you hear about this?  Someone was telling me about the monkey who stole a photographer's camera while taking wildlife photos in Indonesia and started taking pictures of himself!  The report was that the monkey had probably never seen his own reflection and was curious about the camera.  Here is the article and a photo.  These photos crack me up - the monkey looks hilarious (or even like a CGI). Here is another article with more photos.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Shoot the bacon!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Discovery

If your ink pen doesn't write, take it to the bottom of your shoe sole and scribble.  Magic!!  It will write.  Try it next time and let me know.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Cartoon Picture App

Ok - now look what I found!  You can turn photos into cartoons!  Check out my sister peeking out in the background.  So hilarious.

Panoramic Picture App

Look how cool this is!!  My new phone (Fascinate with Droid) has the sweetest camera and it will take Panoramic photos.  You just start at the left and move slowly to the right and it takes a series of picutres and combines them into one flawelss picutre.  So cool!!  Works great at the lake.