Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pirates: On Stranger Tides

Ahoy!  Pirates beware!  ARRRRG!

Pirate stuff is fun.  C'mon admit it.  It is.

Pirates of the Caribbean:  On Stranger Tides showcases more pirate-y stuff, high seas adventures, swashbuckling and sword fighting, mythical creatures, and CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow.

Overall - it's entertaining, especially if you are a Pirates fan.  Don't be that person that goes there and picks apart the movie...."Oh, like THAT could ever happen!"  Wake up dude, this is the 4th installment of a fantasy series and the plot isn't really a thinker.  Just enjoy it for what it is --- pure entertainment and gorgeous scenery.

New elements to enjoy are the character of Blackbeard, a bad-ass pirate with a very nasty ship and crew full of Zombies.  Not to mention a smokin'-hot Penelope Cruz.  She's fantastic.  Love the addition of the mermaids.  I don't miss Elizabeth Swann with her mouth wide open, who is helpless and also can "fight like a man" all once (eye roll), but I do miss Will Turner and his fantasticness (that's a new word because I just added it to wikipedia). 

I'd say go see it if you value seeing action flicks in the theater.  Kids will like this one too. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday and Excuses not to Exercise

Lost 2.4 this week ---- eeeee!

Received a little charm too - a little weight that says "25" on it - super cute.  I have now lost a total of 25 lbs. since January 18th.  What can I say....I feel happy, motivated, excited, energetic, hopeful, and inspired.  On the other hand there are emotions and thoughts to deal with - I am nervous about my next steps, what happens if I plateau and how can I get through it, can I make it to my goal weight in time for my wedding, can I keep it off?  Blahblahgobbledeegook!  Then, I focus on taking a deeeeeep breath and telling myself, "One step at a time.  Just focus on today."

This week's WW topic was about exercise and how we tend to find all kinds of reasons and excuses NOT to get it done.  I often think about how easy it is to get on an exercising streak both ways.  Once you are into a routine you can't imagine NOT making time for exercise and when you need to get back into it, you can find a million reasons why you don't have time.  Isn't that so true?  Our leader had us write down reasons and submit them to her to read aloud.  To make it more fun, she said they could be serious or humorous.

My answer?  My legs are too pale.  That got a big laugh....and I was pleased.
Other answers included:
  • Not enough time
  • Don't want to shower twice in one day
  • No energy
  • It's crappy outside
  • Kids take priority
  • Work hours don't leave time

What's your excuse?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

People are Crazy

My love of tea has grown.  No more are the days when I scoff at iced tea and reach for the diet Coke, but rather enjoy making different teas, blending teas, iced or hot, adding lemon or orange zest.  As they say at Teavana, "It's an investment in health and wellness."

However, the investment was getting rather absurd at Teavana, so I cut back and started perusing aisle 15 at the grocery store and was rather impressed with what Lipton, Bigelow (I buy this kind so I can think of Deuce! lines while making it), Stash and other brands now have to offer.  Bagged tea has come a long way baby!  Each website even has sections on health, beauty and sustainability!  Impressive.

On to my story.  10pm, Kroger (Monroe and Secor----yes, that one):
Me:  Perusing the tea section
Random Lady:  "Tea drinker huh?"  This must be the equivalent of, Come here often? but grocery store style.
Me:  "Yep."  Noticing Tea-lady has little to no teeth and have not had a bath in a while.  Internal nice...internal onto others......
Tea Lady:  "How do you feel about Celestial Seasonings?"
Me:  "I feel pretty good about it."
Tea Lady:  "Well, I've never had it.  Had coffee.  Never had Celestial Seasonings though....nopppppe."  She popped the "P" at the end.
Me:  Staring at the tea.  Awkward.  Her comments didn't warrant a response really, but I didn't want to be rude.  She headed down the aisle and around the corner.  Then came back.  There was more random tea talk and awkwardness.   So much awkwardness.

Moral of the story:   Don't shop for tea at 10pm on a school night.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Who has these still?

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday and Health Blogs

Yes, it's Thursday....I didn't have time to post yesterday, but I lost 1.8 on Tuesday at WW.

I got there late, so to tell you the truth, I am not sure what our topic was but it involved.....A JEOPARDY board!  So hilarious.  The categories were too funny, points plus, eating out, tips & tricks, and, of course, potpourri.   You have to love a good game.

My dear friend over at Two Pretzels send me and article from Tony Horton's blog about nutrition and choice and I wanted to share it.  Tony is a total maniac and often has good advice on his blog (which of course I read all the time since I am a fellow X-er). 

My cousin Smokey shared with me a blog from her friend that his a health counselor.  Pretty cool and interesting stuff.

My friend Wade turned me on to Kale chips this week.  Thanks Wade -they are delicious!

I think we can learn so much from others and share in our efforts.  It really is fun to try new things because getting stuck in a rut or eating the same things constantly or performing the same exercise routine not only is boring, but doesn't always give us great results.

There are so many diet, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle blogs out there.  What ones do you read?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The signs of aging

Signs that you are getting old:

1)  You have your own teapot (I have two).

2)  Your cardigan collection has taken over your drawers and is utilized year round.

3)  You look forward to and even TiVo Jeopardy.  (Anyone?  Anyone?  I'm loving the teacher's series!)

4)  You would rather spend money on home improvements than clothes (or save it - even better).

Wow - so old!! 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Windshield Terror

I heard this news story on the radio this morning and was just astounded.
Basically, a woman and her husband were arguning and he got behind the wheel of their mini-van.  In an attempt to prevent him from driving since he was under the influence, she jumped on the hood of the van.  That did not stop him.  In fact, quite the opposite.  At one point he exceeded 100 MPH.  OMG.  What kind of a raving psycho do you have to be to KEEP DRIVING with your wife on the car.  But what impressed me was the fact that she actually hung on for more than 40 miles

That is one tough chick.  Let's hope she gets everything in the divorce.

Full story here.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

On a roll....lost 2!  At WW they are really proactive about giving awards as you hit milestones- every 5lbs, 5%, 10%, 16 weeks etc...  It's the best feeling in the world when you hit these milestones, whether you have set actual goals or not, but the fact remains you have actually accomplished them.

This week's focus was your support system and how you use them, how you thank them, and how you recognize that you need support.  I am so fortunate to have many people in my life that are incredibly supportive of my efforts and that support is IMPERATIVE to success for me.  

I must say that my momentum and progress right now is really pushing me forward.   I have been losing every week and it helps me stay positive, focused, and on track.  Ever notice how much easier it is to say no to cake when you are losing?  Can you refuse the kettle chips when you had a fantastic workout?  When you are getting paid for your hard work it makes it so worth it. 

Again, THANK YOU to my team of supporters.  I love you and could not be successful without you.  I appreciate your ears, your hugs, and your understanding.  Thank you. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How Sweet is this??

My sister Sal had a package addressed to her but sent to my house.  I called her and she was like, "Ok, I forget what this is, so just open it, " she said coolly.  "You forget?"  I read the sender's name, the label on the box, the sender's name again.

I opened it up and there was this beautiful hanger with my name crafted out of wire on it.  It's for my wedding dress!!

Thank you thank you thank you Bob (Sal).  I love it so much and appreciate your gift to me.  It is so special and I love you.


Monday, May 9, 2011

Green Man!

Check this Party City you can buy a "morph suit" for only $49.99!''

My first question brave do you have to be to wear this type of lycra-spandex mixture clung to your body? you wear underwear?

Finally...when you drink beer through the mouth part would it get stained?  What about sweating?

I would also like to point out that these suits are not just for the slender individual, no no, they are also built for huskier people. 

The Original Green Man!

Am liking the Tux suit...formal with a causal flair.

For the patriot in you.  

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Today, May 4th, is Star Wars Day.  Why, you might ask?  Because....May the Fourth be with you.  HAAAAAAAA!  Love it.  If you don't believe me, check out Wookiepedia for more facts.  So, go geek out and watch all 6 episodes, either in the traditional way (IV, V, VI, then I, II, and finally III) or in chronological order (starting with the new ones and ending with the vintage flicks).  YES!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Like a fat kid in a candy store....

Sitting next to me at work today, were two concessions managers discussing the menu for summer.  This is an important discussion as it went on for an hour or two.  As a perpetually hungry person, and someone that is massively dieting (sorry - ON A PROGRAM) for my wedding, this.was.torture.  Not only did they list the items being sold, but rather broke it down by ingredient just so I would salivate.  Sigh.  Think wedding dress, think thin.....damnit!

Here was what I listened to from approximately 3:30-4:30pm:
"Philly Cheese....hard roll, grilled roast beef, onions/peppers, provolone cheese," (then the price - like I was listening to the flippin' price).  It took me back to when I ate an actual Philly Cheese IN Philly - mmmmm, guuuuuudddddd.....
"Deli Sandwich Combo - croissant, ham, turkey, salami, cheese, with chips, pickle, pasta salad, and soda," SODA!  I love pop - Dt. Mountain Dew......
"Kids Combo - Hot Dog combo, PB&J," uh, you me at hot dog.  Geez.....

This dirty talk droned on and on, describing all sorts of delightful and belly-busting, fattening foods from your past and some with a modern twist.  It was like Cedar Point, a church festival, a carnival, the food court at the Mall, and street food all rolled into one.  Adam Richman would surely accept this kind of a challenge.

Then the grand was like a giant angry parade of food just taunting me.  In my head, all this food was alive but had nasty faces and was jeering at me.  "HAHAHA!  You can't eat ussss, but we are evasive and deeeelicioussssss!"
"Double Cheeseburger, Bacon Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, hamburger, BBQ Chicken Sandwich, french fries, ice cream sandwiches, caramel corn...."

Stupid bastard food.  Just kidding.....I love you.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Over the weekend, I attended a bridal shower for one of my oldest (in tenure, not in age) friends, Bridget.  I must be getting old, because I now find bridal showers enjoyable (angry old me is slapping giddy, shower-loving me).  It was so nice to see Bridget and meet her fiancee finally (they live out of state, I am not that bad of a friend), and to see some old friends including my very talented friend Amy!  We all went to college together and I had no doubt in my mind that Amy was going to be a successful artist, but I will let you see for yourself here.

Amy creates the absolutely coolest, most unique ceramic sculptures that all have their own names!   Support the arts and visit her website.

Bridge and Amy (and Fran and Sai) - great to see you all - can't wait for August!

Love, een