Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal wedding set to DVR - check!

People Are Crazy

Crazy weather we're having isn't it?

Imagine how annoying it is to be working at a gas station or retail when the weather is, well, crazy.  That's ALL people say.  Just comments about the weather.  Yesterday was was particularly windy as I pumped gas and had to go in to pay for it.  My hair was whipping everywhere, debris was whizzing by, and the door to the station FLEW open and almost took my arm off as I opened it.  I mean, I felt like Dorothy fleeing into the house before it got swept away by the twister.

Me (to the attendant):  "At the risk of sounding like everyone else today, it's really windy out!  Like extraordinarily windy."

Her:  "Yeah, everyone comments about the weather.  I'm used to it."

Me:  "I'm sure it gets annoying."

Her:  "Well, it does.  But it's nice when people tell me that there's a tornado warning or something so then I can call home and tell my 5 year old to get in the basement.  She knows the drill."

Me:  "Oh, uhhmm, uh,  30 on 3....."

....aaaaaaaaaand the number for Childrens' Services....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

Had another great week - lost 2.5!  I have been soooo strict, saying no to Easter candy (not one.single.jelly.bean), packing my food for family gatherings, going to bed early, no soda... It's working - - - and I am elated, because I am really putting 100% in right now.  This is my whole focus.

This week's WW topic was about different ways to make different foods.  I got a few good suggestions but mostly, I sat there and grew hungrier with every tick of the second hand.  I felt like Homer Simpson having donut illusions or those cartoons where people turn into rotisserie chickens....mmmmm, tasty!  But not in a cannibalistic way, just an "I'm freaking hungry" way.  Geez...

The point I took from the meeting was to incorporate new foods into your diet and not to eat the same thing every day, every week, so you can get a variety of nutrients from  your food.  This week I tried blueberries and I was surprised to find the organic type less tart than the conventional.   I am adding eggplant to my list of items to try as well as apricots, cherries, and bell peppers (instead of the usual apple, orange, broccoli, asparagus).

With the spring season ahead (let's hope), I am very excited to be grilling more (I did yesterday) and that makes cooking different, cleanup easier, and just more fun!

What are you doing to keep it interesting?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Phone Voice

You know you have one....the phone voice.  Your voice gets slower, maybe a bit deeper, definitely more professional.  Some people go the other way and get higher pitched, sillier, downright giggly.  This will depend on whether this is a business call or a personal call (or maybe both depending on your profession). 

Sometimes at work I will be crazy, running all over the place averting crises, but the phone rings and.....(compose self)......"Hulloooooooo, this is Colleeeeeennnnn......"

Either way, you know your voice changes when you get on the phone.  C'mon, admit it...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Wrestling Kitties!!

I hope you had a marvelous day-- you are wonderful and your blog makes me smile, laugh, and be happy in general.

Hug to you friend!

Department Store Douchebag

Have you ever noticed that guy....yes, THAT guy.....hanging out in the ladies' section of the department store, waiting for his wife or girlfriend, and instead of walking around, he literally HANGS OUT on the clothes rack. 

I witnessed this the other day and I found it so gross.  Do you HAVE to touch the garments?  Are you that tired?  Find a bench.  You're sick.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Colic vs. Cowlick

In a very random discussion the other night, DT and I somehow started taking about colic and how it affects babies.  He said, "What IS colic..."  I was like,"uh, it's when babies are, uh, a pain."  AKA I don't know.

I looked it up (on Wikipedia so it's of course true):

"Colic (also known as infant colic, three month colic, and Infantile colic) is a condition in which an otherwise healthy baby cries or screams frequently and, for extended periods, without any discernible reason."

What about when someone has a crazy hairline?  Is that colic?  I have heard people say "He has A colic." 

Upon further research, I found out that is COWLICK:
"A cowlick is a section of hair that stands straight up or lies at an angle at odds with the style in which the rest of an individual's hair is worn. Cowlicks appear when the growth direction of the hair forms a spiral pattern. The term "cowlick" originates from the domestic bovine's habit of licking its young, which results in a swirling pattern in the hair. The most common site of a human cowlick is in the crown, but they can show up anywhere. They also sometimes appear in the front and back of the head.[1]"

Do you have a cowlick?  OR colic for that matter?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday...and some philosophy

Last week I missed my weigh in and this week was big - lost 5!  I have adopted some new habits that I scoffed at previously and which seemed a bit controversial to me.   But since I was not really losing weight despite my dedicated efforts and I really was "doing everything right."  Every day I looked at the calendar and seeing my wedding get closer, I was worried I wouldn't be where I wanted to be in terms of weight.  Some big changes needed to happen.  Instead of giving up, I switched it up. 

SO!  All organic for me (and this can be a challenge in Toledo, OH), no dairy, no sugar, no processed foods, no alcohol...basically detoxing for a month.  It's going well and I feel good.  Some days tired and hungry, but I think this is a positive change and my body is responding well.  I have been eating foods that don't normally find themselves on my daily menu.  It's also forcing me to go to bed earlier that's for sure (because when you are hungry and have no more calories to consume, you go to bed).

The meeting topic this week was TRACKING - that's WW speak for journaling, or writing it down.  Our leader said if you have a plan of what you are eating, you tend to be more successful.  I definitely think this is true, writing it down seems so simple, but it can be challenging on the weekends, on vacation, etc...  If I write down what I am eating for the entire day, I tend to stick to it.  Not sayin' I'm always perfect, but it helps to have a plan.

As I was leaving the meeting, a woman with whom I am friendly said HI like usual and we started chatting.  She told me my hair was cute that day, and I did what a lot of women tend to do, which is to Say immediately that, "Oh, no, I'm such a mess, blah blah blah...,"  Why do we do this??  She went on to say how she always admired how I smiled at her and seemed to be in a good mood.  THEN to add a cherry on top, she said I always looked so put together!  WHAT?  I always feel so disheveled and windblown after work so that made me feel just INCREDIBLE.  Funny how another person's perspective can help adjust your own.  A little confidence boost goes a long way.

Give yourself a pat on the back this week - I think we are all too hard on ourselves and deserve a break.  After all, if we are healthy and happy, shouldn't that be enough?  Shouldn't it be enough for ourselves?

That's Nacho Average Taco

If you have not been to Taco Bell in while, now is a wonderful time to be reunited.

I recently hit up TB to try out the new hard shell taco....made out of Dorito material!  Yes, friends, as if Taco Bell could not get any more delicious, now they make shells out of freaking nacho cheese Doritos.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Toledo is a test market for a variety of products and restaurants, and this spectacular little taco (that's Spanish for taco) is not available nationwide at this point. So, hit the turnpike and grab your Nacho Taco in Toledo!!

Bonus - Marky Mark has somehow involved himself in Taco Bell's charitable arm (although I didn't quite catch what it is), so now you have a double reason to drool at Taco Bell.  You can go to Taco Bell's website and research it if you really want to know, I did, but go distracted by the bell in the upper right hand corner.  Go try it.....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Aaaaaah. FREAK OUT

Have you ever been driving your car, minding your own business, when you simply go to change the channel on the radio and notice a giant spider is crawling on your hand?  Well, that happened to me today.  Don't worry, I didn't swerve to the other lane and kill anyone....but I seriously don't know how I didn't. 


It was on my hand!  I flung that nasty little creep across the car and composed myself.  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks....that eight legged a-hole is still in the car.  Crap. 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Snow kidding!

Approximately 10am today in snowed.  Yes, giant, wet snowflakes.  It still feels like December without the benefit of Christmas lights or holiday parties filled with booze.  Bummer.

My prediction?  We will skip Spring altogether and it will be 90 in June.  Greeeeeeaaaaat.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

He/She Hippo

This video features a Hippo whose gender has been misrepresented for 20 years.  I thought the music on this video was very comical and I loved the Zoo keeper's line about how it's impossible to actually check a hippo for genitalia - more or less.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

At the Mud Hens opener!

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

Well - I missed my WW meeting lat night, BUT! I did buy a new digital scale that measures not only weight, but body fat, bone mass, and hydration levels as well.  It has memory for 4 users and you can enter your goal weight so you are working towards something.

Pretty neat, right?

I weighed myself this am and think I was down 1lb from last week.  We will see where I am next Tuesday.

Here is what the scale looks like:

This is the sky in Toledo today

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

People Are Crazy

Subway - the parking lot, my car.

Sometimes I eat lunch in my car, can't help it.   I do this trick because I hate eating at Subway by myself but somehow eating alone in the car in the parking lot is totally fine.

Anyway, eating my sub in the parking lot, facing a Little Cesar's pizza, dreaming about pizza and crazy bread and resenting my turkey sub, I see a guy RUN into Little Cesar's.  Once inside, he grabs something off the counter (assuming his wallet or phone) and tears outside again, so much so that he cannot stop his forward momentum and flings himself on the hood of my car.  I almost choked!  He actually hit my car with his body, rolled off, and kept running.  My question, "What in the HELL is happening?"

Now back to my sub...

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Your Highness: A Movie Review

Just came from the theaters - Your Highness - starring Danny McBride, Natalie Portman and James Franco - is a winner.  A big, fat, funny, silly, crass winner.  If you are the type that doesn't appreciate swearing, nudity, or amazing hair, don't see this movie, and then go seriously evaluate what you enjoy.

First, we need to talk about how incredible Danny McBride is, not only with his entertaining quips and flowing locks (yes, it's basically still a mullet), but he also was a writer on this film.  He's just so...marvelous...and I love him.  Love him.  He makes me laugh in every scene and the one liners in this movie are phenomenal. 

I like James Franco in comedies - he has great timing and nice muscles (good for action movies).  I think it's safe to say that Natalie Portman is a goddess- she's more than gorgeous and kicks some ass in this movie.  Zooey Deschanel is a nice addition to this cast as Franco's love interest.

We both loved this movie - two thumbs up...well, four if we need to be technical.

Sidebar - currently watching Due Date on DVD - AWFUL.  This is why I'm blogging.  This movie is almost unwatchable.  I hate this kind of "comedy."  Just like Dinner for Schmucks, I find it hard to tolerate movies where someone's life just gets royally messed up by an imbecile while the main character just lets it happen.  DUMB!  It also bears a likeness toPlanes, Trains, and Automobiles (which is a classic), but instead of being amazing, it's the opposite.  There are so many rip-offs I hope they paid Steve Martin and John Candy's estate royalties.  The car scene at night?  Dear God...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm an aunt!

Well, not biologically - my sister Sal got a dog!  Having a dog has been her lifelong dream and she finally has a silver lab puppy of her own named Hobie.  It was hard to get perfect shot of the little guy...he's so squirmy!  Presenting Hobie Cat Dog:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bob Seger

In the car today, I heard Old Time Rock N' Roll --- and realized I forgot to tell you about Bob Seger!!

We saw Bob Seger at the Huntington Center in downtown Toledo on Saturday March 26th and it was a spectacular show.  It was not spectacular in terms of showy-ness, but rather the actual performance.  Nothing fancy from Bob, no jumbo trons, no crazy lighting, no sexy dancers, no set change......

BUT --- Bob sang his ass off.  He sounded incredible, just the way he does on his CDs (and LPs for that matter).  He donned a Mud Hens jersey and has an incredible saxophone player that will make your heart sing.  He pumps a mean fist.

Bob my not have the flashiest show, but it was one of the best I've seen in a while.  No frills, just the hits.  Thanks for adding that second show to Toledo Bob!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

People Are Crazy

The gas station is always a good place to go trolling for crazy people. 

In line at the gas station, 10am on Saturday morning:
Woman rams into me almost knocking me over.  She wasn't that big so I was astonished at her force.
Her:  "Sorry Ma'am.  My kids are out of control and driving me crazy."
Me:  Ma'am?  You are 20 years my senior and blaming your rudeness on your kids.  Hmmm.  "It's ok."  Weak smile.
Her:  (to the kids):  "Just get some damn hostess cupcakes or something - it's breakfast so not candy."
Me:  Weaker smile.
Her:  bumping into me again (I think she may have been drunk):  "Uh, sorry Ma''s been a day....baaarrruuuuuuppppppp!"
Me:  No smile.   Head cocked to the side - eyes wide.

Did she just rip a big ass burp in my face right after calling me ma'am for a second time?  Yep, definitely drunk.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Lazy Sunday Poll...on Monday

Do you consider yourself Type A or Type B?

By definition, type A personalities are organized, high strung, maybe neat freaks, often a bit OCD, high energy, workaholics, aggressive, etc...

On the other hand, type B, tend to be more relaxed, laid-back, easy going, disorganized, patient, perhaps messy, etc....

There have been all kind of studies on these "types" of personalities and tests you can take to help  you determine what "type" you are if you don't know.  I always considered myself a type B but lately and especially in my work life, I am becoming more of a type A...and I hate it.  I don't like being a type A.  I enjoy being organized, but I find it stresses me out.  I like knowing where stuff is and having a calendar, but I hate being over committed.   It is making me feel like a split personality.  

I took this test and here are my results:

Personality test results

Ta-dah, your personality type is ENFJ!
Extraverted (E) 57% Introverted (I) 43%
Intuitive (N) 55% Sensing (S) 45%
Feeling (F) 60% Thinking (T) 40%
Judging (J) 64% Perceiving (P) 36%

Take the test and find out what personality type you are!