Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The higher the altitude, the shorter the shorts

New Zealand Air has created a video to demonstrate their in-flight safety instructions starring the king of legwarmers....Richard Simmons!!  Check this video out --- no, it's not a joke or SNL skit, it is real.  Is it me or does our flaming friend kind of look like Gollum now?  Sorry Richard....I still love ya, and your nylons.  People have to be absolutely cracking up when they show this...I guess that's the point.

Weight Loss Wednesday

Ok....gained .4.  I'm not happy with my progress or lack thereof.  I have not been able to exercise for about 2 weeks since I have an injury to my hip and am going to physical therapy in 2 weeks for it so hopefully I should have some answers mid-April about that.

Otherwise, I am frustrated and annoyed.  What else can I do?  When dieting/eating sensibly within your "points" or caloric range is not enough?

My plan is to give Weight Watchers about one more month and REALLY a model weight watcher by attending every meeting (I do already), writing EVERYTHING down, and really not drinking (this is a nightmare!).  Maybe one or two glasses of wine but that's it.  I just can't drink and lose weight.

SO!  I'll just keep at it strictly and then go to plan B, which is seeing a dietitian and getting a personalized plan for me if I have not seen more results in another month.

This week's topic at WW was having a weight loss buddy - - the importance of your buddy, what you need and want in a buddy, and how your buddy ultimately can help you on your journey.  I am lucky to have many buddies and supporters - -  thank you to my buddies!

Monday, March 28, 2011

People are Crazy

People are crazy...we know this is true.  I don't want to place all the blame on others so here's a story on how the tables had turned....well, I turned them....on....myself.

Checking out - Target.  I feel delirious. 

Cashier: "That will be $37.59."

Me:  "Ok, credit or debit?"

Cashier:  "Uh, what?"

Me:  "Hahah!  I'm sorry, I'm tired.  It's debit, but it runs as credit, but my bank is stupid and I have to run my debit as credit or else I get charged or something stupid like that.  I know, it's dumb.  It's really dumb when I fake charge - because it's really debit - something that's, like, $1 when I could really pay cash but I never carry cash.  So I have to charge it.  Well, it's debit."

Cashier, stone-faced:  "Soooo, Credit or debit?"

Me, like a jackass that just word vomited over this poor girl: "Uh, credit...." bite tongue about the debit bit.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bob Seger!

Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?

Yes I do. I believe that there is more out there than just us and I have seen and heard things that have led me to believe.

Ask me anything

Too Hot for TV

A video game commercial starring Serena Williams has not been cleared for TV since it is too risque.  I saw this on Yahoo! today and HAD to post it and get everyone's opinions.  I especially liked the comments under the clip - as per usual, some have good points, and some are just poorly written nonsense.  All amusing.

It is fairly risque, lots of skin, backside and inappropriate, uh, will understand when you LISTEN to it.  Ms. Williams has an extremely impressive figure though, there is no doubt about that.  She needs to start a boot camp of her own.  Can I just say, DAMNNNNNNNN GINA!


Random - Jake Gyllenhaal's first movie

Sitting on the couch watching Saturday morning TV/blogging/surfing the web, I catch City Slickers and notice that playing the role of Billy Crystal's son, Danny Robbins, is Jake Gyllenhaal (or what looks like him).  Thanks to modern technology and IMDB at my fingertips - I confirm it. 

Pan forward about 1:30 into this clip and you will see a 10-ish year old Jake.  Hilarious.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Concert Season is coming

Was it just me or did you get an insane amount of notifications from Ticketmaster this month for summer concerts?  Def Leppard, Jimmy Buffet, Journey, Zoo Concert Series, Poison, omg!

We have committed to Def Lep of course, Darius Rucker (Hootie if you are keeping it real), and Bob Seger THIS Saturday.  I am sure more will come up. I love the ones where you get more bang for your buck and several old bands have teamed up.  Plus, the people watching is priceless.  Also - we are going to see GREASE! at the Valentine (girls only).

What upcoming shows are you seeing?

Weight Loss Wednesday

Nada.  Zero.  Zip.

Stayed the same this week.

I'm annoyed.  I have a plan to switch it up this week thanks to some insider trading tips.  Let's hope it works and I don't get caught or I'll go to jail. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

5 Hour Energy Drink

How annoying are these commercials?

You make wait for it?

Come on!  Anyone that is a professional coffee drinker has it on an automatic timer and LOVES waiting for a good cup of coffee.  If you don't drink it every day, you actually enjoy going to get it at Starbucks (and will pay for it) because it is a treat and it tastes amazing.  5 hour energy?  Disgusting.  No one drinks that garbage on a daily basis. 

I have consumed these little shots of energy and they make my stomach hurt but they do make you stay awake (on long drives, etc...).  But these commercials are making me crazy!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm Famous

I'm in the Blade today!!

Check out my picture here

Weight Loss Wednesday...

On Thursday...
Ok - one day late, but my life is so crazy right now.  I worked until 8:30pm last nigth, ate dinner at 9...I am thinking about what I have to do when I am not doing that - making task lists in my head and on my phone....  No day is consistent and my schedule is different every day and every week.  Ugh!  CRAZY!

BUT!  I lost .8 on Tuesday at WW.  We DO care.  I was so happy because despite all my craziness, I have made it a priority to work out and eat right (pack my lunch, etc...).  I'm not gonna sugar coat it---It takes SO MUCH EFFORT to keep it together, espeically when you are busy. I would give anything to rip through Taco Bell some nights, but I force myself to go home, make dinner and clean up (I loathe dishes and sweeping/mopping.  I seriously don't understand people that like to clean).

So.  I am losing.  It is slow, but it's happening.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Moustache on a Stick

For a photo booth prop box, I made some home-made props of my own.

How to make Moustache on a Stick

Step 1)  On cardboard or other firm paper or backing, draw your moustache.

Step 2)  Cut out your moustache.

Step 3)  Trace your moustache cutout on black felt (or any color!) with a paint pen or other pen that will show up.

Step 4)  With a glue gun, affix your felt to the cardboard (backwards so it matches exactly and the paint or marker will not be on the outside).

Step 5)  Glue tongue depressor to the backing so you can hold up the 'stache to your face. Be sure to glue some to the left side and some to the right side since not everyone is right handed.

Step 6)  Play around with your creation!  Make sure it fits!

Step 7)  Make other things - uni-brows, goatees, beauty marks, sideburns, whatever!  Have fun!  Also, make sure you have the messiest kitchen possible for pictures.  Be doubly sure not to shower after your workout.

Here are some of my finished products.  I labeled them on the back stuff like "FuManChu," "Wyatt Earp," "Beauty Mark," which was very cleverly used as the "Enrique" at the party.  SO FUN!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wedding Invitations Question

Question -

While having dinner with my friends the other night, we discussed the following:

Is it tacky to put your registry information in with your official wedding invitation?  Or is it helpful?

Other points made -

Is it ok to leave the registry info out of the invites if you have your registry on a wedding website that is given on a separate card in the invitation?

Who is offended by a registry card in the invite?  Older generation mainly?

I will give you my opinion after you all weigh in since I don't want to sway the answers.

PLEASE - your opinions.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

People Are Crazy

This week at weight watchers, we were encouraged to get up and mingle with our fellow attendees.  At first, I was hesitant and was not too keen on the idea of talking to the other members, but I warmed up to it and it was nice to get to know some of the other members that I sit with every Tuesday.

I was talking with this one lady that always makes me laugh since she talks about drinking and how she hates spending her points on booze (a woman after my own heart).  I happened to mention how we should make it interesting and all put $1 into a pot when we come in and whoever is the "biggest loser" at end of the month gets the pot.  Well, she agreed and then decided to get, uh, personal.

Her:  "You know, every time my husband and I have sex, we put a dollar into a jar and save it for vacation."

Me:  STARING, weird smile. 

Her:  "Yep, we hit the sack and get out the cash, we must have hundreds of dollars in there at the end of the year."

Me (internal):  GOOD LORD, Jenny, please stop.  We just met.

Jenny:  "Yeah, we really enjoy our sex jar."

Me (internal):  O MY GOD, Jenny.  Wait, hundreds??  (external)  Weirder smile.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

This week I lost .8 - almost a whole pound, and now total 6.  Yes, 6.  I am going in the right direction!  Our topic this week was celebrating every success, which made me think about getting ice cream, of course.

How does one celebrate weight loss success that does not involve driving yourself to the nearest McDonald's for a Fudge Sundae with double fudge?  You can get a massage....and then ice cream???  I have a hard time finding non-food and non-monetary rewards for myself.   The success just needs to be the success, the looser pants, the feeling of satisfaction, the healthier SELF.  But ice cream sure is amazing.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Saw the movie RED the other night and it was fantastic.  The previews do it no justice and it just looked sort of...I don't know, boring.  It was not. 

Great cast on this one.  Normally John Malkovich creeps me out and I find him a tad on the overrated side, but he was good in this movie.  Helen Mirren is the absolute BOMB and gorgeous.  Morgan Freeman - everyone likes that dude.  Mary-Louise Parker plays a good character worthy of Mr. Willis's love....well....almost.  Karl Urban, all you fellow nerds out there know him as Eomer, son of Eomund, and he is foxy as ever as CIA agent Cooper.  And finally, Bruce Willis.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  Hard core with a sensitive side.  We DO care.

The story was fast paced and kept your interest without getting too involved.  Humorous.   If you have not seen this one - I would recommend it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lazy Sunday Poll

Can you add air to your tires?

I have heard two people this week say they don't know how. I was lucky enough to have a Dad that was really into teaching us all that kind of stuff, adding air to the proper PSI, wiper fluid, checking oil, etc.. - thanks Dad!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A lesson in social skills

Having dinner with my girl cousins and sister last night, we covered MANY topics (as ladies usually do).  One in particular struck me as very interesting.  My cousin is a kindergarten teacher with a backgroud in social behavior and special ED.  She said that she teaches her students (small children, mind you) to point out to others ONLY things that are under one's control at the moment.

For example:  "Your sweater has a piece of lint on it."
This is ok.  You could remove the lint.  All is well.

NOT OK:  "I don't like your hair."
Clearly, you cannot change your hairstlye for this person's taste.  Hence, NOTHING you can do about it.
OR, "Your pants don't match your shirt." 

Get it?  Even at the primary level, if children can apply this concept, it amazes me that some adults cannot.

Thank you for this lesson Smokey!  I will make sure I think before I say anything to someone and make sure it is something they can control as to not hurt their feelings.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

I've had a busy week!  It's already Wednesday.....

Well, I lost a whopping .2, but it is a LOSS!  We DO care.  I was good this week and have been working out about 6 days a week so I am blaming it on the weight training.  Funny how exercise sometimes makes you gain in the short run, but I have decided not to obsess over it and to keep doing what I am doing.  Consistently.  Everyday.  It is working.  JUST REALLY SLOWLY.  But it's working. 

This week's topic was about "shaking it up" in relation to your food or exercise.   We broke up into groups to collect new ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc...  Nothing earth shattering, but I like the idea of eating breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast, etc...  I always thought that was fun when I was a kid.  Sausage and waffles for dinner?  So CRAAAAZY! 

What do you do to "shake it up?"