Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What Not to Wear, er, Say

Having just returned to work from a long absence (got married, honeymoon, surgery, and then 6 weeks of recovery - I will blog more about that later), I am finding myself back to the same place, with the same people, and the same stuff.

This is a blog about what people SAY to you.  Not having any idea what you have been doing, or not doing, while you have been off.  Yes, yes.  I have heard that I am a bit, oversensitive, or care too much what other people think or say.  Again, I say, this is my blog and this is precisely why I started it.  So I can tell you what I think.  Or maybe more so I can just journal it.

Here's what NOT to say to someone that has been mysteriously absent for a while (note, you have no idea how long or why):  All things written are actual things said

"Hey, been on vacation?"  Uh, no.  No, no.  But it's nice to be away from idiots like you.

"Have you been off this whole time since you don't have enough work to do?"  RRRRRRRRRR, youfuckingserious?

"Must be nice to come and go as you please!"  OMG, need restraints.  Must restrain self.  Smiling so big it looks like I'm constipated.

"Every time I walk by your desk I forget you are here!  I'm having a hard time getting used to you again."  Oh, I'm sorry that I'm interrupting your work day by being here.  Because I've worked here longer than you.  Sigh.

Here's a list of suggested things to say to someone:
  • "Nice to see you!" 
  • "Welcome back!"
  • Seasonally appropriate, "Merry Christmas!"
  • "We missed you!"  Can be true or not.
  • "Want to have lunch and catch up?"  Even if you don't go, if it's well intentioned....


Ky • twopretzels.com said...

WHY, oh WHY, are co-workers such big ass goats?

It's like Murphy's law.

I'm sorry. :(

We're all like the fanciful singing group Loverboy, we are merely workin' for the weekend. :)

Summer said...

Good advice. Sometimes, people are idiots.

After my Mom died, I was off work for 2 weeks. One of my clients (who knew my mom died) called irate and said "I have problems, too.) Ugh.


Anyway, just want you to know. . . I enjoy your blog.

Iris Took said...

SUMMER! That is a crazy story. Thank you for commenting! I have been reading your blog for so long....thanks for reaching out to me :)

Ky- big ass goats? Hilarious.

Dee Dee said...

I had experienced similar comments when I was out for surgery.

"Working the system, huh?"
"Wow, you really needed THAT LONG to recover?"

Sheesh! Don't let 'em get you down. They should all be celebrating your return!

Lova ya.

kate • one more thing said...

Unbeliveable. Just carry around your invisible bazooka and take them all out... one by one.

I'm happy you're back Een :) I'm not even there, but I'm positive you bring happiness back to that place with your wonderful laugh and amazing sense of humor... and of course your ability to smile so big you look constipated.


wrestling kitties said...

People are idiots. Plain and simple.

I hated the comments I heard after I was gone for just 6 weeks of maternity leave. People are you trying to get punched in the face?!