Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

Well, it was no surprise to me that I gained 1.6 this week after my Christmas eating and drinking extravaganza.  It's amazing how two days of throwing caution to the wind can cause  you so much agony at the scale.  You can do a lot of damage in just one day (or maybe a day and a half!).  One tiny cookie?  No big deal.  But when one tiny cookie turns into many cookies, and bottles of wine and cheesy potatoes, I'm screwed.

I just hate that I feel like I have to be perfect or else it's all downhill.  The new year will be good for me and I need to really focus on myself and my goal.  I need to put all my obligations and other stuff aside if I am really going to get there in 2012.  The only thing stopping me now is mind.  I need to get it together and really make the commitment.  Every weekend there is a party, every day there will be a late meeting, every night someone will need me on the phone. 

I need to make time for myself.  There's no reason not to.

Here's to 2012.

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wrestling kitties said...

It's the holidays, I wouldn't be too hard on yourself. Though I totally get the feeling of how just a day or two of bad snacks can change your weight. Frustrating.

BUT, I think that is what makes the holidays so fun....indulging in things you normally wouldn't and just sitting around with family and friends. TOTALLY worth it.

So go ahead and eat 1/4 of a pan of that toblerone fudge your husband made (oh wait, was that just me?!)because we don't eat like this all the time. Well unless said husband decides to make toblerone fudge more often....then we may have an issue :)