Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Weight Loss Wednesday

Back to Weight Watchers!!
2011 was definitely the best year of my life...all the most amazing things happened. 

In sequence:
Got engaged (technically 2010)
Fiancee (at the time) bought a Mexican Restaurant
Got Married (I really kicked ass and was at my lowest weight on the Tuesday before the wedding!)
Went on excellent Honeymoon to the Dominican Republic - 7 days of freedom
Had surgery - off feet and resting 6 weeks - off work too
Thanksgiving (feeding frenzy....)

Ok - now back to reality....

I went to weigh in at Weight Watchers.  I even went to a meeting that I don't normally go to since I couldn't face my leader.  I didn't want her to be disappointed in me.  8 weeks after the wedding...I had gained a whopping 15 lbs.

15 pounds.

Oh.  my.....GOD.  How did it take me 10 months to lose 40 pounds but only 2 months to gain 15?  This is a joke.  For real. No joke.  Just a ton of comfort food and sitting on my ass (doctor recommended though).

So I got serious and went back, but MAN facing the mental music was hard to take.  It felt like I had committed a sin and needed to confess.  I felt terrible.  Just terrible.  Like all my hard work was for nothing and I was back to square one.  Jiggly and blobby and terrible.

Then I got a hold of myself.

Seriously?  Get a grip!  You didn't gain it ALL back - you need to check yourself.  This is exactly where I have failed in the past.  I couldn't face the music and just let myself keep eating, keep drinking and go crazy.  Because??  I don't know.  Because it's easy.  Because food is awesome.  Because it's fun to be social. 

But it's not fun to not fit into clothes.  It's not fun to shop when you hate your size.  And it's really not fun to look in the mirror and not like what you see.

So.  Back on track.  I lost 1.6 yesterday and feel better.  Feel empowered and feel like I am getting ahead of the game for 2012.  Here's to a healthy year!


Amber said...

I really admire your dedication and attitude. I've tried losing weight so many times (and have occasionally succeeded, for awhile), but can't keep up the positive attitude.

kate • one more thing said...

Hugs to you Een. I'm glad you "got a grip!" I am so proud of how far you've come. And honestly, not that gaining weight back is a good thing, but I'm proud that post wedding and during your recovery you took the time to let go a little and live life a little more relaxed. I think that is important from time to time and what better time to do that then on your honeymoon (and forcibly) during your recovery. Think of it as a recharging for the road ahead in 2012. You're already back on track and off to a great start :)

Sushi soon please? mmmm or margaritas!

wrestling kitties said...

First, I think it is AMAZING that you have lost so much weight. I saw your pictures from the wedding and you looked beautiful!

So you gained some weight back (I agree, I too hate how easy it is to gain it back) but you have already proven to yourself that you CAN lose that weight so try not to worry about it. It does suck, BEEN THERE SO MANY TIMES, but you needed a little break from everything and to just relax!

YAY to a healthy year!!