Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Verizon gets an A+ today

Yes, it's true.  Verizon gets an A+ today.  Yes, Verizon Wireless the phone company.

My phone has been misbehaving lately and it's marring my reputation.  Basically, it does not ring and texts are delayed, both incoming and outgoing.

"Did you get my text?"  Friend asks.
Me, "No, when did you send it?"
"Uh, I have been trying to get a hold of you.  I sent you a text and then called you."
Me (aloof), "Well, I never got it."

But, seriously, I never did!  I am sure if I was not me, I would be talking serious shit about me. 

Annoyed friend, "Have you talked to Een? She's so annoying.  She acts like she doesn't get texts and NEVER answers when I call.  I mean, learn how to work your phone already."

Last night was the kicker. DT called me 6 times in a row and my phone didn't ring once.  It never even registered the call.  So, I got a speech ready, consulted 5/3 bank to make sure I had enough money to purchase the iPhone if necessary, then wore a responsible outfit but not too perfume and marched myself into Verizon prepared for wireless war.

Guess what happened?

I met Steve.  Steve was awesome.  Steve did not ask me if my ringer was on (dumb!).  Steve did not ask me if I had paid my bill (duoy!).  Steve listened to my issues (genius) and checked out my phone.  Then Super Steve issued me a new phone with NO CHARGE that should arrive on my doorstep tomorrow. 

Thank you Steve at Verizon on Reyonlds Road.  You are definitely spreading Christmas cheer.


Summer said...

If I saw this on Facebook I would so "like"" it.

Yay for Steve!

wrestling kitties said...

Very good! Glad you met Steve :)

I had a phone issue recently and went into Verizon and this guy talked down to me SO much. It takes a lot to get me wound up, but I lost it and walked out. Terry who has the short fuse was even surprised at me. I am not proud of how I acted, but I don't need to be talked down to either.

Ky • said...

THAT is amazing. Incredible. Well done.

"not too much perfume" made me laugh.