Tuesday, December 27, 2011

People are Crazy - Holiday Edition

It's true, people are crazy, and holidays make it even more intense.
Walgreens, Christmas Eve.

Standing in line for photo pickup.  It's pretty crazy in there, everyone is impatient, bustling around.  The lady in front of me is distressed.  It's not clear if she has been waited on and I don't really feel like waiting even longer, so I ask, politely...
Me:  "Have you been helped already?"
Her: "Well, sort of, "panicked, "They gave my photos to someone.  Someone has my prints....of my teenage daughter."
Me:  "Oh.  Well, that's terrible.  Are they re-printing them for you?"
Her:  "Well, yes, but that doesn't help the fact that some person is walking around with pictures of my baby.  He could, you know, post them to Facebook or myspace or something."
Me:  thinking, no one uses myspace lady...."Well, hopefully someone like my Mom would find them, realize what happened, and return them.  Plus, creepy people don't get pics developed anymore, it's all digital."  I don't think that helped.  But it's true.
The pics come out.  No one is helping me yet.  Sigh.
Her:  "Oh good.  SEE...isn't she gorgeous?"  SHOWS me the pictures.  They are posed pics of her teenage daughter who, does have quite a rack, and then more posed pics of the two of them.  Shows me about 20 pics.  Awkward.
Me:  "Well those are nice, uh, have a Merry Christmas..."
Her:  "Ok, well I just hope she doesn't end up on an online dating profile or something...." and rushes away.

The best part (well for me) was the teenage clerk rolling her eyes behind the counter.

She's not crazy...it was just crazy that she got so engaged with me and showed me all the pics.  It was probably my fault...for being nice.  I can see how a mother would be worried,  but this girl was not showing any skin plus kids are lazy and unless it's for persona gain or about themselves, they just don't care.  It would be fine.  I hope she listened when I told her that creeps don't get pics developed.  It really is all about the web.  The manager should have come up and apologized and given her some coupons or something.    Gotta love that customer service.

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Anonymous said...

These are great photos of her daughters! Robbie...ooops I mean Jim!