Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bizzare Foods comes to Toledo

Check this out!

Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods, is speaking at Owens Community College on 4/30/12 - tickets on sale now.  HOW FUN!  Do you watch this show?  Andrew travels all over the world to remote sections of our planet and eats the CRAZIEST stuff, calling the cuisine "delicacy" or "gem" while eating stuff like pig intestines or rats on a stick.  He often uses words like "pungent" or "bity" and "greasy."  It's so insane, but wildly interesting. 

Sometimes he finds stuff that I would eat.  Street food and what not.

Other times it's hard to watch.  Like the fish that sits out in the buckets.  Pungent.  Uggggggg.

One of the most terrifying episodes was in Indonesia when he went on a cow-slaughtering trip with the locals.  He shared in the eating of the raw flesh and dipping it in the leg joint juice.  Barf.  Oh Barf.

Sometimes I have to look away.  Way better programming than the Kardashians, that's fo sho.

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Traci said...

Oh I LOVE Andrew and his crazy show. But yeah...sometimes I just have to look away. I might have to get tickets to see him! thanks for sharing :)