Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Movie Review

I have a lot to blog about, I know, but I wanted to get started with something simple.  Movies!

X-Men First Class
Two thumbs WAY up.   LOVED it.  I never wanted this movie to end.  Great casting on the mutants and wonderful beginning to the saga.  James McAvoy is an excellent and very suave Xavier and you will love Michael Fassbender as Erik aka Magneto.  He's pretty much the perfect cast.  You may not recognize him, but when you click on his IMDB reference, realize that you have seen him in a ton of stuff.  Sweet mutants and very interesting story weaved into historical events.  Pretty clever.  Kevin Bacon?  Great choice.  I did want his mutant powers to be dancing...sadly, no.

Water for Elephants
This movie got some bad reviews, people said it was boring and never really got going.  I disagree.  Maybe it's because I'm laid up, but I thought it was really compelling.  The action was all in the tension between the three main characters all played excellently.  Reese - come on.  She's amazing.  Christolph Waltz has impressed me ever since Inglorious Basterds.   I feel much better about Robert Pattinson now, too.  He's not a vampire chasing an ungrateful teenager (ugh, twilight!).  Thought this was a great story and LOVED the animals in this film, especially Rosie.  I should have read the book first.  Kicking myself for getting MONEYBALL for our honeymoon.  Terribly boring read.  I think I was hoping for  a Brad Pitt centerfold of photos.  No such luck.

Horrible Bosses

Talk about dirty mouth!  Way to go Jen Anniston!  This was a funny movie with plenty of shock value for the adults.  Jason Bateman is great as this kind of character - grown up, beat down, corporate.  Charlie Day is one of my favorite actors.  He's a different character than Charlie in Sunny but he's still spazzy, freaks out periodically,  and gets angry so you will love him in it if you like "Charlie."  Liked it.


I heard this was the best movie of the year, and while I wouldn't go that far, I laughed out loud so many times at this movie.  I happen to be in love with Kristen Wiig - she is simply amazing in this movie and plays so nicely alongside of Maya Rudolph.  The whole cast is FUNNY.   The dress shopping scene is one of the funniest/grossest I have ever seen.  Worth mentioning is Doug's sister played by Melissa McCarthy.  Her one liners got me every time.

Now for other movies I don't really care to admit watching, but I will:
17 again:  Zac Efron.  OMG.  This was terrible and I was embarrassed to watch it.  But I watched the whole thing anyway.  Zac Efron does have an appeal though.  Dang it.
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year:  Really?  This was on the Hallmark Channel.  Sigh.  The uncle was played by the Fonzie.  It was terrible.  Watched the whole thing.  Paused for commercials.
Beauty and the Beast:  I have not seen this since it came out in the 90s (91 to be specific).  I liked it better now that I'm a married old lady.  91 I was still sort of an angry teenager and didn't think a slow dancing Beast was cool.  The chandelier animation IS impressive still.   Whatever Pixar.

Aaaaand that's that I've been doing.  Also tons of thank you  notes...still tons more to go.


Erika Jean said...

I don't think you would have liked Water for Elephants as much if you would have read the book first. The previews made me way to read the book, so I did... and then saw the movie. It was OK, but very bland compared to the book!

I just watched Horrible bosses lastnight. And while It wasn't the best movie ever, I really liked it ;-)!

Brides Maids was a little of a disappointment for me ;-(

Good luck with those thank you notes!!!

B. said...

The book Water For Elephants was awesome and I think that if you read the book first you would really not liked the movie. I loved Christoph and Reese were great I think Twilight boy killed the movie and didn't bring the book to life. Christoph by far was the best part of the movie.

wrestling kitties said...

I love X-Men First Class. I saw parts of Horrible bosses and you are right, Jennifer A. was DIRTY! Awesome.

I adore Melissa McCarthy.

And every time 17 Again is on....I watch it. *sigh*