Friday, October 7, 2011

Axl Rose coming to the PALACE!!

I'm going.  I'm going and nothing can stop me.   December 1st!  It will give me something to look forward to after my wedding is over.  It's almost as exciting.

Do I care that Axl Rose looks like he's traded in his heroin and whiskey behavior for twinkies and fried bologna sandwiches?  Who can blame him really?

Bring it.

I've been squirming around in my seat all day because I'm SO PUMPED for this show.  Yes, I know he'll be hours late starting the show.  Yes, I know there's no Slash (pour a little out).  Yes, I know all you haters are hatin.  But guess what?

Axl is Axl and he's a prima donna but I can't wait to see it again live and in action.  When the spotlight hits the piano and that first key of November Rain ripples through the crowd, look for me, melted on the floor.

Loaded like a freight train!!!


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